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Saturday, January 13, 2007

"winds of change"

Hello All,

As the New Year welcomes us, we can only look back at our previous adventures and utilize the lessons toward our paths before us. For what lay ahead is only a test.

I am reminded of the wind in an ocean vessel’s sail, when thinking of looking back. Recession is not possible and counter-productive. The drive- the force if you will, is the power from behind ever pushing us toward our destination. It is how we use this thrust that governs our direct path and the degree of achievement. And, when the “winds of change” are upon us, we must hold our course- for that is the true measure of success.

Failing Forward- if you will allow?

Most sportsmen will testify to the “winds of change” within the Olympics. Upon their creation, the Greek called the games (the) “Olympiads” (Greek meaning four years) on the plain of Olympia in Greece. Now, the games are hosted every two years by various nations around the world. Additionally, these Athlos (contest) originally included Herodotus reading all nine books of his ‘history’ to the crowds- estimated two day episode. Apply the “winds of change” theory to this event and I would expect our conclusion accurate of the attendance today. Yet, times have changed and we still hold our course.

With my rope secure between the windward clews and mainsail, even this post can experience the “winds of change” as I regain “the right tack.” 2007 will witness the “winds of change” in many categories to include: politics, economics, socialism, military, entertainment, and religion. People are the power of change, and the demonstration is all around us.

In summary, we the people are “the winds of change” and Heaven help us as we turn a new direction. I can only hope we collectively remain on “the right tack”- it is our responsibility.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hello All,
I’ve not posted in some time- and I have heard about it.
Here is a little remembrance until a well thought out post can arrive.
4 Mr. LeDoux

Well he was pushin seven,
She was barely five,
He rode up on his broom-stick horse
And said, “You wanna ride”?
His boots made a funny sound,
Cause they were his daddy’s size,
His hat kept slippin down below his eyes.
And they rode off in the sunset,
Down the sidewalk;
She laughed at him,
Every time that he talked.
His two front teeth were missing,
But he had the cutest smile-
She thanked the cowboy for the ride.
He was seventeen,
The next time he rode up.
She’d never seen inside a pickup truck.
He was tall and handsome,
Smiling cuter than before,
He’d grown up to fit those boots he wore.
And they rode off in the sunset,
Down the highway;
Took their time gettin home
The back way.
Later on, on the front porch swing,
He pulled her to his side,
She thanked the cowboy for the ride.
Well, he loved her since a child,
She’d always felt the same,
So they settled down
And hitched their dreams together.
And they raised two broom-stick cowboys,
And one little cowboy-girl-
To know god paints the sunsets of the world.
Well, he’s almost sixty-seven,
She’ll admit to forty-nine,
Still loves her like a child,
And she still feels the same.
He smiles a little slower,
At the twinkle in her eye,
And they still saddle up from time to time.
And they ride off in the sunset
In the evening,
Stars as bright
As if they’ve never seen them.
She never fails to say
Before they go to sleep each night,
“Well I love you, cowboy-
Thank you for the ride.”

This Nation loves you, Chris-
Thank you for the ride.