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Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of Union Address

Hello All,

Yes, I watched last night's State of the Union Address. I felt the President spoke well and remained personable through-out while addressing our current issues. I liked what I heard; unfortunately, I felt many points arrived from illusion.

My extended family owns/operates a telecommunications company and is completely feeling the recession through sales and installations. I'm certain they will feel better now that the President and Congress believe the "Worst of the storm has passed." I know they will feel comfort in the success of the Recovery Act, as the President stated, "Talk to the small business in Phoenix (Arizona) that will triple its workforce", or, "the window manufacturer in Philadelphia" as they added two more shifts. President Obama continued, "Talk to the single teacher raising two kids who was told by her principle in the last week of school that because of the Recovery Act, she wouldn't be laid off after all." Sounds nice, but these situations are too far from the homes and businesses I know. Currently Southern California School Boards are considering placing advertisements in, on, and around school properties in order to supplement funds so they will not be forced to lay-off the educators.

As for the Community College and University problems- do they really not know that tuition is soaring all over the country? Honestly, a $10,000 tax credit for four years will not cover most major institutions; or is he referring to the $250,000 a year, middle-class.

I'm retired military and do not know many, if any, military members who are middle-class. I guess the President and Congress are happy to know a majority of the United States Military members are considered low-income, or poor. To me, I only hear, "You can give your life in defending our country but we just have too much money to mismanage, before sending it your way." As a part of the VA system, I can say they are doing much better in helping those in need. Just "much better", the VA is not fully up to speed in perfect health care but I guess nobody else is perfect and so the VA is doing OK. As for the Gays in the military, why doesn't the Congress take off their blinders and realize there are already Gays in the military. Rather than work equality within, and without, the military we first give them full citizenship and make every aspect of their lives equal to being an American Citizen. Yes, I went there! Religion! Religious or not, if any individual desires their place in Heaven it will not be pending any other person's marital status, religious belief, or life-style. Accountability begins within each of us and every religion teaches the love of others.

When the President said, take the $30 billion repaid by the banks to help small business I was more than happy. Then, I wondered about the interest. Did we [the people] loan money to the banks without interests? Are we [the people] that dumb? Does this make sense to anybody? We cannot borrow money from a bank without repaying interest, so why does it not reciprocate? If the banks need money, we [the people] should make some profit. After all, every bank will tell you that PROFIT is why they are in the business of lending MONEY.

I am not writing this to be critical of the President of the United States. I respect the position, the office, and the man; after all, he is doing a job that I refuse to do. I've not walked in his shoes, nor he in mine. I do not claim to have the answers. I began thinking of this post when I heard him say, "A novel concept". "It's time to try something new", said our President and here I hope to present it.

Dear Mr. President,

I'm certain you will never read or see this, but I would suggest this to Congress. If you (Congress) cannot come to a full and comprehensive agreement on the issues plaguing our nation, your pay will be reduced to a point equal to, or 1% greater than your productivity. As an example, if the President calls for a decreasing unemployment rate and Congress fails the goal within the reasonably allotted time, your individual pay will be reduced by the percentage equal to the current unemployment rate. Additionally, your salary deduction will be increased by 25% for every month beyond any deadlines.



Ladies and Gentlemen, I will make every effort in posting once again. Also, I will, from this point forward, try to avoid politics.

Be Safe,



Blogger Lynilu said...

Ahhh, Reach, it is hard to avoid politics these days. It is even harder to be satisfied with politics, regardless of which side of the fence one stands. I consider myself moderate with liberal leanings, and I have friends at both ends of the continuum. I don't hear anyone who is happy, even with those in DC who are on the same side of that fence. I fear it ain't gonna be purty.

I have no cost of living increase in SS this year. I'll bet the people I elected to those DC positions won't be saying the same thing. It stinks all the way round.

But a bright spot is your return here! Again, welcome back. :)

Thu Jan 28, 03:09:00 PM PST  

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