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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Still Alive

Hello All,

With the school week at the close and the Super Bowl right around the corner, I just wanted to say "Hello" and I am still here. Next week I will be getting the Microsoft Office pack, so I will be able to work and save thoughts for future posts. As of now, I am still "free-writing" each post. I prefer to rewrite my posts, thus having the pack installed will be a great advantage.

I had purchased a computer through Best Buy with the insurance. The Motherboard died and that is when I realize the horrible coverage Best Buy offered their customers. It appears, one MUST read the fine print prior to any purchase, where the prospective customer would understand "Best Buy does NOT stand behind the products they offer".

They were to replace my computer with an equally operating machine. Not true! My first computer was purchased so I could edit movies utilizing Adobe Premier. My replacement could not operate Premier, plus any software on the previous was not covered and I lost all of MS Office. I explained my original reasons for the initial purchase to the store manager, who could care less. So, here I sit with Vista64 and it SUCKS.

Anyway, I'm still alive as school is going well and I am having fun.

Be Safe,



Blogger Lynilu said...

You said a mouthful about reading the fine print! I went through a nightmare over a home security system, all because I listened to the salesman and didn't read the contract, and it took me almost a year to get it worked out in my favor. I eventually did, I think because they were tired of dealing with me!

Thu Feb 04, 10:33:00 AM PST  

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