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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Long time

Hello All,

Yes, it has been some time since my last post and I apologize. I like to think of this period as the batter stepping outside of the batter’s box in baseball. When the player finds the need to change the tempo of the game, or just collect his/her thoughts, they will take one-step back for recollection. Well, these past few months have served this very purpose for me.

In this time of no recent posts, I am certain I have lost many of my regular readers- for that I am sorry; however, I have taken the necessary time for myself. You see, my medical condition is taking a new course and I have another couple of diagnoses. Both of my knees, elbows, and my left foot are inflicted with a condition called Osteo-Gout. Funny how I have never known of this condition, yet, the doc’s all seem to agree this arrived from my original condition. As for the mental note, I seem to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) from my experiences. This may explain my evasive posting.

With a full count, it is time to step back into the box as I am prepared for my homerun. We shall see.

Additionally, I am preparing myself for retirement from the Air Force; even though, every Commander on the base holds opposition to my decision. I cannot believe how many people have come to me with complaints of my choice.

As for the Winery, my partner and I are still moving forward with our plans and increased our choices with two new properties. Of each that I have seen, there is one in particular I dearly love as the vines are planted and there is an awesome view of the valley from deep in the vineyard.

Well I guess this will have to do for now and I hope to post again in the near future.

Be Safe,