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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hello All,

Today I read 10 COMPANIES WE LOVE TO HATE and thought of my stories to share. While the web site allows for comments, I decided my blog would better serve for future reading.

During my days of playing airline pilot, the other crewmembers and I often discussed the best Cellular Phone Provider. Finally, we concluded, “each has its strengths and weaknesses.” “Problems”, you say. Let me share one little story with you; it is a tale of Cingular and their customer service.

My girlfriend and I purchased a joint account with Cingular so we could communicate regardless of my location. Out on my bid-line, our route brought us to Cincinnati, Ohio and I had no bars. Curious, I thought, considering the coverage area on my plan was “Nation Wide”. I knew something was wrong when we landed in Dayton, Ohio and the same thing happened there. When I finally checked into my hotel room, I called the local Cingular dealer for a better understanding. They informed me that I would have to take this up with my local carrier; thus, meaning when I returned home. I found that answer reasonable. And, I did exactly as instructed upon my return home.

My local carrier said, “We have contracts with local carriers across the country and first we should verify which provider services that area”. OK, on my next bid-line I will find this information. In my hotel rooms, I read the inside cover of the local phone books to find Cincinnati Bell is the primary provider for Ohio. I brought this information back to my local provider with the hopes of resolution. With my girlfriend on an extension to the house phone, the following is condensed version of the conversation after establishing the prior communications with the Cingular Customer Service representatives.

Me, “my cell phone is not working in Cincinnati and Dayton”.
Rep, “What is the local provider for Cincinnati and Dayton”?
Me, “Cincinnati Bell”.
Rep, “We do not have a contract with Cincinnati Bell, I apologize”.
Me, “Let me understand this- you are saying that Cingular, the cell phone provider who is the reunion of the original Bell Systems, does not have a contract with Cincinnati Bell”?
Rep, “Yes”.
Me, “Does this make sense to you”?
Rep, “Well, Sir, let me see if I can assist you. Please, what exactly is the problem”?
Me, “My cell phone is not working in Cincinnati, Dayton- Oh shoot, it is not working in Ohio”.
Rep, “And, what state is that in”?


Me, “Are you kidding me”?
Rep, “Sir, first I must establish the state”.
Me, “Can I speak with somebody else? Maybe a supervisor?”
Rep, “One second please”.
Supervisor, “How may I help you”?
(I explained the previous conversation)
Supervisor, “I don’t understand, we need to know the State”.


Me, as I was thinking (what state is Ohio in?), I said, “Never mind” and hung up.

I am currently using Sprint International Plan, because I have found more coverage, world wide, with the least problems.

Please share your problems.....and,

Be Safe,



Blogger T.H. Elliott said...

Sir, please calm down and tell us what state you're in!

Wed May 28, 10:38:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Reach said...


Is frustration one of the 50 States? There are 50, right?


Wed May 28, 11:42:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Lynilu said...

HAAAA ha ha ha ha!!! (wiping tears) Oh, whew!

I've had that conversation, but with other entities (fill in the blank).

My daughter and SIL had similar problems with Sprint, but their "no bars" area was at their home in FL!! They switched to Verizon and have good reception. You do have to check the area, but the providers maps are not always clear, either.

You would think, with technology such as it is, that cell phone reception would be near flawless, wouldn't you? But there you go thinking again!!!

Thanks for a good, been-there-done-that laugh, Reach!!

Fri May 30, 08:31:00 AM PDT  

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