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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We The People

Hello All,
I know it has been some time since my last post; however, an idea of a topic has entered my mind and I cannot shake it without putting it out there for all to see. Each of you know I hate getting into the political arena in this forum, yet this one time I must address what I am thinking. Please understand this post is NOT intended to criticize, over examine, or analyze any of our elected officials in the past or present. I have full trust in their loyalty for “what is in the best interest for our country.”

With thirteen over-shadowed Candidates, by the six most popular, “We The People” have a responsibility to select one for the office of President from a vast field. What are the qualifications of these individuals, and, are we witnessing them in the media?

Most people are calling for reform. In that thought, we always need a President who will work well with Congress? How well are these candidates working with each other or their own staff during the campaign trail? Not really well- I feel. On that note, “We The People” have a problem.

Most people are calling for a balance in the budget. This election has topped previous elections in cost alone. One source,
  • Wikipedia.com
  • has quoted, “if the costs for both Democratic and Republican campaigns are added together (for the Presidential primary election, general election, and the political conventions) the costs have more than doubled in only eight years ($448.9 million in 1996, $649.5 million in 2000, and $1.01 billion in 2004).” Candidates are rising in excess $125 million to apply for a position that pays $400,000 per year. Yes, there are many benefits included with this office and I fully recognize items like; free transportation, housing, medical, health, and incredible security- items holding no comparison in the general sectors. Additionally, I understand certain nominees are refusing the public sharing of their personal financial reports. Is this not curious, considering whichever individual is elected, “We The People” should require assurance of personal financial planning capabilities prior to a name being added on any ballot. Would now, be considered too late for such actions while seeking public support?

    There is Federal relief with many stipulations for the candidates; however, any person dipping into this fund, at these rates, should raise a question of how they intend to balance the national budget after significantly adding to the debt. Somehow, I am questioning budgeting abilities in regards to the previously mentioned numbers and some failures of disclosure.

    Another issue is Iraq- would we desire a President who will fully act in our nation’s best interest or a person who will recant decisions. Each nominee has many advisors, reporting a consensus for the nominee’s preparations in these elections. Additionally, each President has had many advisors at their disposal for a decision that is “in the best interest of our country”. Presidents do not act alone, and to fault or criticize, any one person in Office is wrong. Thus, leading me back to paragraph three of this post- “We The People” need a President, who is willing and able to work well with others and we no longer have a need for the reoccurring recruitments or firing staff officials. What “We The People” do need, is accountability and teamwork from our next Administration. I hope the Candidates can rediscover these attributes of integrity. I, for one, have not witnessed this in any of the debates, communications, or advertisements in the media.

    Oh shoot, now that is another topic. “Media- defining their motives and agenda.”

    Be Safe,