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Friday, June 29, 2007

Sorry about the delay

I have been away with the Air Force and did not have time for continuing this story. Hope all is well and talk to you all soon.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Slumbering Knight- Part III

I awoke from my slumber feeling relaxed and well rested. As my eyes opened I could see the sunlight casting a shadow on the wall from my bed and I thought, “This wall, much like this room, holds no familiarity.” I tried my memory of this bedroom, yet my mind could not locate any acquaintance of this place where I slept. The walls, floor, and ceiling are each made of rock and mortar similar to those making the King’s Castle. I knew the view from the window would reveal my location, and hopefully the answers of how I came to this position. I tried to sit up and no movement from my arms, legs, or torso. Regardless of my focus and strength, I can not even move my fingers. “What is this situation,” I wondered.

As I lay in my bed watching the world pass by and unable to occupy my time with other than the thoughts of the previous night, the entry door to my right opened and the voices in the hallway just beyond reached my ears. “These voices! I recognize these voices of three or four people,” I pondered to their identity. Interrupting my imagination as he walked into the room, Robert, the King’s personal physician, asked with a calm voice, “How are we feeling today?” Finally, I knew my thirst for knowledge to end my wonder has arrived. He said, “You have been with us for some time, I can only visualize your feelings. Three days passed,” he continued, “before you were brought to me in this state not five days ago.” In the same manor of his informative voice he asked, “Do you understand what I am telling you?” With affirmation I nodded and he continued, “You are in and out of consciousness many times and we have had this conversation prior.” Too many questions I have and yet his answers fail to yield any true information; yet, Robert continued asking rather than telling. “Do you remember our previous discussions?” Much like this dwelling, I can not think of our speaking except the last time four months ago.

Through the open doorway entered the most enchanting woman. She was tall with dark auburn hair and a darkened complexion. Her walk captivated my attention as she brought forward a tray of food. “Ah, your meal has arrived,” Robert said with much delight. He could tell by the look of my gaze I had not seen her before. “Do you remember Blanca,” he asked. “She is from the south of Spain and studied medicine in the finest schools before her tenure here, as my assistant.” I noticed her gentle and loving smile; even more, I recognized the knowledge in her eyes. I could see an overpowering sense of the unspoken truth and how I’ve come to this room, on this day, and the reasons underlying Robert’s words. Robert left the room saying “Eat heartily,” as Blanca began preparing my meal and her caring hands fed me. My mind ventured further into my past, of my days ahead of my Nobility as Duke of Kent, earlier than my conferment as Knight of the Bath, and into my childhood; previous to finding the state of slumber, yet again.

The wise men say, “On your death bed, all answers shall be revealed”; little did I know of this situation until my time for the adventure. As my body faded to death, my mind drifted toward the answers and then fell into a sensation of slumber.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Hello All,

I've been working on a project to post. The main thought- to have three stand alone stories, yet when combined will tell a short story from my imagination. As I work on these projects, I am distracted by my "Real" life. I have previously posted intentions in my life and here is just a quick recap.

I may be heading back into aviation as a civilian career. The possible opportunity to work “Back-Shop” aircraft maintenance is mine, working in the Civil Service.

I am officially a disabled Vet- yes the paper work has returned from my injuries, sustained in OIF.

This portion of the original post has been omitted by request. Something about "Murphy's Law".

“And that’s, the way it is”……….

Be Safe,