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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The American Dream III

Johnny Dreams’ parents raised him and his brother with good values. His parents believed a good plan coupled with teamwork would succeed any goal. Additionally, both boys can achieve their every desire. Johnny’s father, a good natured and well-humored person, never had much luck with his jobs; though he worked hard on every project, it never failed a company’s lay-off would find him. Finding peace during the evenings in a bottle, Johnny’s father would spend his time with the uncles and friends. This intelligent young boy knew the worth of these men was so much more than this stereotype; as Johnny listened to them speak. It was a time for Johnny to find his plan/dream for the future.

Born into an American Indian Tribe in Southern California in the early 1960’s, Johnny saw first hand the extra challenges before him. Thus, he worked hard and went to night school in order to set his plan in motion. Early one summer, Johnny, now in his mid-twenties and a graduate from UCLA, introduced two executives from Las Vegas to the Tribal Council on the Reservation. At this time, Indian Gaming was in its infant stages and Johnny recognized not only his dream, but also an opportunity for his people. These men spoke to the council of the unrecognized value and potential for severe financial gains the tribe possessed, and then offered to assist the council in the planning and lobbying to the California Senate for licensing- convincingly lucrative to all in this union if approved.

The California Governor, realizing his own “American Dream”, always dreamt of a political seat; however, he is a “Naturalized” citizen and allowed only certain positions. The Governor agreed to meet with Johnny to discuss “American Dreams” and Johnny’s plan grew further into existence.

To this day, the casino is more than profitable and Johnny’s people are living the lives the ancestors had always imagined. The children are receiving the best education and learning their own dreams. Johnny and his wife are expecting their second child, while Johnny is busier than ever working on his next “American Dream”.

Be Safe,


Thursday, September 13, 2007

The American Dream II

Heraclio grew up as a member of the Atacameno Tribe in the village of Chacabuco, an abandoned and poverty-stricken area of the Atacama Desert, in northern Chile, South America. He remembers listening to the elders speaking about their legends and how they continually emphasized he memorize every word. They spoke of myths such as “The great land to the north, with vast amounts of water and the vegetation grew everywhere”. To fully understand the elders, they held up a piece of green fabric for Heraclio’s vision, still he could not picture this in his mind.

To Heraclio’s amazement, some thirteen years later, he witnessed something in the sky. With a closer look, he could not believe his eyes, for there above his head was The Alicanto. He remembered what the elders had told him. “The Alicanto is a bird of the desert. The legend says that the alicanto's wings glow during the night with beautiful colors, and their eyes send away strange lights, making a brilliant flight and some do not cast a shadow on the ground. This bird brings fortune to any person who sees it and the Alicanto live in a small cavern between the hills filled with our rich mineral, you see they feed on gold and silver. If the lucky person follows an alicanto without detection to their nest, they can find silver or gold. But, if the alicanto discovers them, the bird will guide the greedy person over a cliff, causing them to fall to their death”. Heraclio was more than happy he knew every word.

The following day Heraclio decided it was time for his fortune and off to the hills he trekked. At the beginning of his journey he met only one other person, an older man named John. John was a surveyor and knew many things of the world. With this in mind, Heraclio asked many questions and began to wonder if his treasure was this chance meeting. When asked of The Great Land to the North, John simply replied, “Oh, America’s Dream”. Curious, Heraclio learned of an adventurer named America, and how he followed a dream. Heraclio commented, “Much like me”. John never realized the difference in translation and the boy continued his quest into the hills. One hill lead to another, then another behind the second and Heraclio found himself on the way to North America.

Always asking questions of those he met, Heraclio always heard the same reply, “Oh, the dream of America”. Then it finally happened as Heraclio found himself on that northern border. All he need do is to swim and The Alicanto will be waiting. For a young man growing up in the desert, this was no easy task.

One day Heraclio finally understood and realized his quest, The American Dream.

Be Safe,


The American Dream, Part I

Dusk was falling over the bayou and the critters were settling in for the night. Through the tree-filled wetlands, Steff could hear the sounds of the frogs, birds, and old man Fliray’s fiddle echoing out with the sound of an orchestra as the smell the Cupressaceae and Startina Alterna filled the air; and she thought with a smile, “No home wit-out deez tings”.

Steff’s mind drifted back in time to her Acadian/Cherokee born grandmother, E-Li-Si (as she called her), and how they sat on this very porch speaking of dreams.

When Steff was a little girl, E-Li-Si spoke of the many things nature had to offer. "Every ting a person desire is in dis backyard", E-Li-Si would teach, and at night, Destiny would speak to the listing hearts of little girls.

At this very moment, and in a flash, Steff realized that she was living her grandmother’s ‘American Dream’. As the pupil, Steff aligned herself through a life of nature’s study and her on-going immigration is spiritual, limited only by imagination. For Steff, the ‘American Dream’ is a reality without focus on the quest. It is much like Steff’s world, Nature filled.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Hello All,

Ok, I am back to posting, even though less frequent then before- I am back.

In the current quest of removing the “funk” from my life, my family and friends have stepped in to take control. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day as my morning will begin in the kitchen making bruschetta. Then my son, his best friend, and I will be heading to Sunset beach for a surf session. Immediately following the salt-water adventure, we are off to my friend’s house for a “Labor Day” BBQ and swim in his pool.

Let me get back to the bruschetta for one moment. Everybody I know loves my bruschetta. Sometimes I wonder if I missed my life’s calling, as I am very good in the kitchen. I call the dish “Three Cheese, Tomato, and Roasted Pepper Bruschetta over Parmesan-Garlic Bread”- I guess the name gives it away. Would anybody like a sample?

Well, I am off to slumber-land and look forward to seeing you, so to speak, again.

Be Safe,