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Monday, April 07, 2008

Perception can be very strong.

Hello All,

Can you believe that next month will mark 29 months of blog postings for me? In that time, I have published 166 posts- not bad for somebody who hates writing. Oh and additionally, this data further provides one simple fact- I am not an author anybody need worry about missing a few days, OK weeks, and feeling left behind with so much “catch up” reading.

The year was early in 1981. Donna Griffiths, a schoolgirl in Pershore, Worcestershire, UK, begins an uncontrollable series of sneezes that end on September 16, 1983 - after 978 days. The first De Lorean DMC-12 automobile, a stainless steel sports car with gull-wing doors, rolls off the production line in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland. The Oakland Raiders win Super Bowl XV, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. United States President, Ronald Reagan was shot in the chest outside a Washington, D.C. hotel by John Hinckley, Jr., two police officers and Press Secretary James Brady was also wounded. In addition, I was preparing for the U.S. Olympic Team tryouts to compete in the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Though I did not successfully make the tryouts, I can remember to this day my disappointment as I realized I would not be participating in the Opening Ceremonies, representing the United States as I would walk behind our flag before the world. Yes, I was also a life long skater- hey, it was the 1980’s, (but I still hated disco). I remember now, back then, as I looked forward to this one event. The honor, experienced by so very few. That moment in a person’s life when they can stand on the world stage and say, “Yes, I am part of something that is larger than the borders surrounding every country.” A simple walk, as you are part of a team for your nation’s cheer. Moreover, at that moment there will be no competition, only a celebration spanning the globe and each person holds an opportunity to meet the heroes of every country. There is only respect, camaraderie, and joy; and mostly, no politics.

The 1936 Summer Games held in Berlin, Germany, marked several world firsts and no nation boycotted the games. Not only did the Germans hold the first televised games; but 1936 was also the year when Jesse Owens won four Gold Medals. Well, each of us know, understand, and appreciate the significance of this history. The main point, those games were not boycotted.

Today I read where two Presidential hopefuls, Clinton and Obama, are questioning the United States participation in the Opening Ceremonies, if not the Games as a whole, this year in China and are publicly speaking on these decisions. Well, I am going to Reach for some perspective here, when I ask, “Who will truly suffer from this action”? I think it will be the Athletes. The Chinese Government has not acted to the best of Human Rights, in some peoples perception- China is its own country and if world laws are broken then take it to the World Courts. While I may not fully agree with China’s views/actions toward Tibet and Sudan, I certainly see no reason for taking any Honor, Respect, and/or Dignity away from the United States Athletes who have spent many years in preparation for these upcoming events.

Are there no other events within our borders requiring attention/focus during this time of argument, mud slinging, and any antonym of the words "teamwork" or "cooperation" for the candidates to present?

In closing, I would like to say, the United States President, FDR, in 1936 did not boycott any ceremony by removing U.S. athletes, and destroying their time honored dream. Either I need to have a better grasp on the World News, Or, these two Presidential Hopefuls should learn some perspective in their decisions- those Athletes are also voters!

Be Safe,


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hello All,

On the other hand, I should say all three of you who regularly check back for new postings. I am very happy to know you have remained consistent readers- thank you very much. Additionally, I would like to thank T-Man for keeping me honest.

Reasons for my long posting delays:

1) You know I have suffered from some injuries from my military participation and two new injuries have come to the forefront. Psychological stuff, which is no fun, but I have to tell you the meds Rock! In addition, IT IS LEGAL.

2) What you do not know is a little fact that I am no longer in the military. Yes, I have retired since I had no further choices. Because of my fight with the Air Force Surgeon General’s (AFSG) office, and a little help from the Secretary of the Air Force, I was permitted to remain and finish out my time for a full (non-medical) Retirement. I could not move up, regardless the desires of my Group Commander. I could not move laterally, due to the AFSG office placing limitations on my professional schooling. Nor was I willing to step down from my last post because I loved the work I did and they enabled my “less than” full involvement. Or,

3) I have just been too lazy.
Either way, you can decide for yourself.

One cool aspect of joining the retired ranks is politics. I can now speak my mind when it comes to politics, politicians, individuals and their platforms, and the ability to mention which person I like. For those who do not know, the Uniform Code of Military Justice prohibits any Military Member from public discussions whether for, or against, any particular Political issue.

“And, that’s all I have to say about that.”

Next, what I have been up to in my final months of service? My Commander desired a presentation photo representing my group, a photographic collage if you will. If I may, please allow my attempt in illustrating a mental picture, for you.

Well, the majority of these photographs are productions of approximately thirty items set on a small stage. Not mine, as I utilized an entire room! The popular consensus is, the final product will be incredible and something for other units to strive. I incorporated 97 items. Allotted only two weeks, I prepared, organized, and set the stage while my Chief handled the photographic details. The final product, when printed, will measure 18X24 inches.

Be Safe,