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Location: California, United States

Thursday, December 29, 2005

29 Dec 2005

This morning, after arriving to the Base, I was talking with some Jeep friends. One of the guys has a set of 35" tires for me, if I want them.
Oh yes, my Jeep! I am a Jeeper. With the following, you will either not understand, or, are a "Wheeler". I have, an '85 CJ-7 with a rebuilt (to the max) 258 (4.0L) which is no longer a 258, T-176 and D300, D30 and D20 ( with D44's on the way), 4.11's (front and rear)- posi (F&R)- mechanical lockers (F&R), driving 33's and up 4.5". Custom roll cage, with modifications on the way. It is not drivable on the street when the road is wet. When the posi kicks in, the front goes where ever it wants as both rear wheels turn equally and no slip. Usually it pionts not where I want it to go; however, the dirt, sand, and mud remain a different story. It's credits include: Moab, Rubicon, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area, all of Ocatillo Wells and Borrego Springs, to name a few. Anyway, I'm still learning the sport and loving it all the way. Additionally, I have two bikes-one street and one dirt, sand buggy, and a Chevy truck to pull the camper and toys.
Lunch was spent with a new pilot, who is attempting to join the squadron. By all appearances, he would seem to blend into the mix of characters. A very good sign.
After lunch, I began the pre-op procedures for the upcoming surgery. My doc is very optimistic and hopeful. It would be nice to go back to a life I once knew. Along the way, and a funny thing, I ran into somebody I once had a "crush" on. I was trying to straighten out the insurance company and there she was working in this particular office.
Out of here for the weekend. Four days off with plenty to do.
Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hello World,
I have traveled your borders and met your peoples; though, I've never experienced a blog. As I have surfed digitally, many new personalities appeared before me and not once did I decide to join. Today brings a new frontier, as I sit here composing. How much do I wish to say? How much do I wish to reveal? While I maintain control of my fingers on this keyboard, I should allow the current to "flow" and see where the river takes me.
I grew up as a typical Southern California Surfer, when I was not travelling the world with my family. As a "Navy Brat", my eyes have witnessed many foreign lands and my arms have embraced many foreign cultures. I seemed to have carried forward the attitude of searching for the ideal ride- to include marriage, once. I am a father of two fantastic people. My son, who is visiting my daughter in Colorado, and on the slopes as I type, is very much an "odie" personality. Throw the ball at the wall, and he will chase it. Tell him something is impossible, he'll make it happen. Very athletic. My daughter is an outstanding student, who is only going to excel in life. Additionally, she is a new mother. I am divorced and on Active Duty with the United States Air Force Reserve. My unit demobilized, over a year ago, and I remain due to injuries from my deployment. It is amazing how much the human body can/will endure.
This should suffice, for the moment.