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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day Dreams- About Football things

With the imagination of a hazy and foggy afternoon, this reporter dreamt the following:

In a bold move today, Tennessee Titans Executive Vice President and Head Coach, Geoff Fishingman, announced the release of the entire secondary offensive line. Ensuring a 53 man-team and retaining his elite players, Fishingman moved the primary offensive line to the secondary list and announced his personal recruitment of Eircheard Gordan Fearghasson from Scotland. “Fearghasson, of the Fearghas clan, is translated as ‘The Supreme Choice’ in their native language.” He continued, “Eircheard, hails from the small town of Dalbeattie, Scotland; sheltered in the valley of the River Urr and about 15 kilometers southwest of Dumfries.” In awe of Fearghasson’s size, Allen Descentrey, Special Teams Coach added, “He (Fearghasson) lives up to his namesake as ‘The Craftsman of The Super Fort’ and Curry (Coolheals, Titan Quarter Back) will never need worry about moving his feet- not that he does now.” Continuing in a Full Staff press interview, Borman Rockachow, the organization's Offensive Coordinator said with a smile, “He (Fearghasson) gained his strength from moving granite slabs in the town mills and (he) will become “The New Source of Force”. Tevia Watermanson, the team’s Strength and Conditioning Coach interjected, “To bad the fans will not be able to see Eircheard play this weekend, as the team is scheduled to play the Dallas Cowboys.” Continuing, he said, “Considering Terrell Owens’ Center Staging, spotlighting attracting efforts, and unexpected accidental over dose - We feel all eyes will be on Terrell, as T.O. likes to ensure. He (T.O.) seems to enjoy the spotlight from the side-lines when the opposing team's offense takes the field.” Much to this reporter’s surprise, Mr. Owens twin made a surprise entry while saying, “I’m here now the press may begin.” Without missing a beat, Eircheard stood from behind the stage, doubling as his press table, and announced to the media, “Nut ta worree, I’m plunnin un wurring me kilt!”
To which, Art Capilone, Executive Producer of Fox Entertainment, Sports, and Underwater Basket Weaving Division announced, the Titan/Cowboy game will be “Blacked Out!”


Thursday, September 21, 2006

The first formation flight

Hello All,
During my flight training (civilian), my friend and I decided to take up the Super Decathlon, an aerobatics plane, for some fun in the sun. We refueled at Oceanside airport, Ca, and then ventured eastbound to the practice area. The practice area is far away from civilization, so we would not have to worry about hitting houses or population and such. Along the route, as we had noted by our charts, we found that we could cross into a militarized (NO-FLY) zone if we did not apply situational awareness. This in mind, we came to a mutual agreement of not entering this zone!

I have had some requests for more aviation stories; however, my mind was not being cooperative with any refreshing thoughts. Until now- and since I have already prefaced with the foundation of a story, I shall continue….

The take-off and departure was by the book and with our parachutes properly donned, we admired the view of Oceanside harbor. The westward departure forced us to either immediately turn north for 180 degrees, or extend out toward the ocean. Following our final eastbound turn, we became somewhat (ya right) disoriented and followed the previous heading.

As we flew over the hills of sage and dust, we could only admire our view of the horizon from 1500 feet. Additionally, we would periodically scan for traffic (other aircraft in the area). I believe, I was the first to see the approaching helicopter, yet I am still not certain. To our left was a “Hughie”, United States Marine Corp helicopter- with guns, and he was flying parallel to us about 500 feet away! “Oh-sshhhhh”, I exclaimed into our intercom! My friend actually finished my sentence as we were being “escorted” from the militarized (NO-FLY) zone. I could not help but think, “There go my pilot’s certificates”; and then, we understood that we were only playing our part of the “escort”. No actions were to be taken. Cool! “OK, it is time to play” came a voice over the radio. To which, the other pilot in our aircraft (um, really it was not me) said, “Boy’s it’s the devil in me” back at them. I think that was a quote from a ‘70’s song about driving fast, picket fences, and the “lines in the road just look like dots.” Therefore, the next thing we did was to join up with them in formation- inverted!
The Super Decathlon will fly inverted for two minutes without the requirement of maneuvering prior to fuel starvation- and we tested those specifications.

When it was my turn to watch our proximity to the helicopter, my buddy asked, “What are they doing”? I needed to take a second look for verification purposes as I thought I saw a bird. Yep, right there in between the aerobatics plane and the helicopter was a bird waving at us in the formation.

Upon the second look-, I was correct. As I could see the gunner telling us that, we were NUMBER ONE!


God loves the Marines- Hoo Rah!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Of water and sound

Hello All,
As previously promised, the river trip went well. My room-mate, her daughter, one of the daughter’s friends, and myself made the drive with much singing and carrying on along the way. Each excited to begin the weekend. Unfortunately, the excitement was short lived as the room-mate decided this to be the time to begin an attitude; which lasted all weekend. All that said the girls and I made the decision not letting this bother our fun. The boat was ready when we arrived and after setting up our camping site, we were on the lake. Oh the Lake, the one solitude that would last all weekend. The girls enjoyed water skiing as well as water Tubing. They even met some young gentlemen, their age, who wanted to go out for a few boat rides. I thought it funny that the boys liked the slower speeds when Tubing. Then, by request, the boys and the girls paired off and found new Tubing partners. This was the time that everybody except me wanted the mellow-rides. The father of one boy lives locally, and surfs by my house. Additionally, he is a private pilot and we spent one full night talking of airplanes. We decided to get some surfing safari’s going and exchanged email.

Time for a gear change- Last night I went to my buddy’s office to play with his toys. His office is a fully equipped sound and video stage. He just received some new toys and I was honored to be part of their “unveiling”. Immediately following, we began doing some recordings that lasted until 2:30 AM. I’ve not been in the studio for more than twenty years- 1983, to be exact. Wow, did that bring back some memories, even though I have much less hair. I didn’t see any future like I once thought but it was fun to play around again. I’d go back tonight if I was not expecting company. Who knows, maybe tomorrow night will find me late in the studio again.

Considering I have been offering some down-beat posts, I thought I might offer an up-beat one- so here it is for the change of gears.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Some time has passed

Hello All,
Recently a Captain from my civilian company paid me an update visit. I was happy since we have not seen each other in years, and were looking forward to my recovery and returning to work for the airline. Unfortunately, I gave him the bad news of my never flying again- Well not passing my flight physical. This reminded me of how I have failed in updating my internet friends; therefore, I shall try to be brief of my time spent.

My Medical Boards were finalized on 18 August with a “Return to Service” determination; however, there are limitations within this decision. Not since I was a child residing in my father’s house have I been on restriction. Ok, maybe I spoke too soon- As I am now restricted to the CONUS, Continental United States! I am non-mobility rated and will not be returning to Iraq.
“Why is this bothersome for me”, you might ask- I will tell you why. Do you remember
  • This Post
  • ? As my friends were teaching the Skyhawks to surf, I was filming/documenting their adventures. The final product from that day found its way to some high sources and a job offer found its way back to me. I was offered a Photo-Journalist position and they would send my happy butt to school for the furtherance of my basic knowledge. Alright, I am an amateur; but, they say I have an “Eye for composition”. The only problem with this position is that it is a “World-Wide Qualification” and I am on restriction. I feel like a teenager speaking with my friends over the phone, on this one.
    I have been working on a spreadsheet for my current position and writing formulas. Though I do not have any degrees in math or algebra, I do seem to struggle my way through this stuff by producing formulas like the following:
    This stuff is really working!
    There have been other things going on, but I shall leave them for another day.
    Sleep well,