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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Is it still sensitive?

Hello All,
As I have previously commented on the topic of Mr. Karr, I could not find it in myself to believe his guilt in the Ramsey case. I do not know why; call it instinct or just a “Gut Feeling”, but I required more than just the word of the Prosecution saying, “We’ll tell you more later”. Yet, as I watched the Circus, we call “The Media”, his guilt was declared and the sentencing phase was beginning. CNN talk show hosts were all over this man, by interviewing everybody who would step forward- only to prove Andy Warhol correct in their 15 Minutes.

In 1980, the two security managers of my place of employment were fired on the grounds of selling narcotics to the young patrons. In retaliation, late one Friday night, our busiest hour, they decided a “Drive-By” shooting was in order. Two individuals, each my friend, died at the hand of these thugs and their rampage. I was present, but not hurt physically. The next day, our local paper was certain to have the lead story with their 24 hour harassment of questions. Until, two young children filled with rumor were happy to comply with the “Reporter’s” questions. On the third day, I was pronounced dead!

What is it like to read your own obituary? Not Fun!

Not Fun to answer the phone calls, one after the other, to explain the misprint. Not Fun to find people crying, and then experience their anger, over, and over, and over again. Imagine, two weeks of explaining. Imagine a newspaper editor, standing behind his reporter and not issuing an amendment to the article. Imagine, standing before a man to convince him of your life, and the furtherance of said life only to meet, his denial! Two weeks of Not Fun.

Why could I not believe Mr. Karr’s guilt? I, unlike our media, who we finance through sells, required proof. It is too bad, that such a business does not issue any apologies. While Mr. Karr is not a person I would call a friend, associate, or even acquaintance, I do not know him and I will not prejudge any person in the way of our media. I am not certain of him as dangerous or a threat; however, what right does the media have, even under the First Amendment, to label him as they have done?

OK, I am off of my Soap Box.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is Silence golden?

Hello All,
I have been so busy, and wanting to post. I have seen those posts, when the author is just too busy to write, and so they sit down and add a one line post. Though I understand their situation, I just could not bring myself to write a one liner.

The previous said and I find myself with the real need to add something to this site. The problem I now face is for a topic matter. With so much going on in the world, to which I feel passionate of commenting; however, which topic is appropriate for today. Could I write my opinions of the pending Jihad, thanks to the “Radical” groups, or Mr. Karr, who feels certain he is the true murderer of a little girl, loved nation wide. Of the latter, even though I have not fully followed the crime, I have my reservations to his guilt. I don’t know, just something does not add up in my mind. In addition, how the two topics may connect- as in the state’s assassination of an innocent man bringing the world into the Holly Wars.

Well, to issues that are more personal would be the likely, and most wise, direction. My Medical Board has Finalized their decision and I am to remain in the Air Force. I now occupy an office position and the board states, “Return to full Military duty”. Sound good, well maybe for some people, but not for this flyer. As I am permanently Grounded and restricted to the CONUS! I spoke to my civilian employer, and as I have suspected, I shall not be returning to their gainful employment. Career Change!

Imagine your family pet, free to roam on a farm; then, restrict it to a fenced in, back yard.

This is how Reach has been viewing the world, as of late.

PS The River was greatly needed and completely available for getting such things out of my head. I shall save the River Post for a happier day.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The River

Hello All,

Today I begin some much required leave. I am taking advantage of a mini vacation to begin another journey of boating on the Colorado River. We are taking on the length of Lake Havasu, because, I shall be traveling with three lady friends for an extended weekend of water sports. I am the designated driver due to my continuing condition; however, the girls will be skiing, tubing, and rafting. My enjoyment will be found in their laughter, so, until next week, I wish you all the best weekend.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Hello All,
I know of my problems; therefore, I can only imagine the problems of others. For relativity, I can only suppose other people’s problems and the level perceived by the individual. It is for these reasons, I have decided to exclude negativity from my life and treasure an optimistic view as such circumstances become present.
So, let’s place some perspective in this analysis, as I look at my little corner of this world.
The current population of the earth, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau is 6,533,425,755 people. An optimistic view upon any one person’s global achievement should be outstanding. This being said, any one of my readers who is considered “World Class” in any profession, sport, or hobby; gratification, dignity and honor are the virtues of the individual’s core, based solely on their dedication toward achievement. If modesty is still in view, how would a five step panoptical view change your perception?

Bigger Look.

Bigger Look.

Bigger Look.

Bigger Look.

The 15th brightest star in the sky, Antares is more than 1,000 light years away. I think my little corner is becoming much smaller.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Quest Haven

I remember camping near Quest Haven just outside of the small town where I spent part of my youth.
Mix together one part, a child’s imagination; one part, the legends of elder generations; mystery, adventure and several children, and this story will unfold. My grandfather would sit the grandkids down and tell us the stories of a past. A past filled with ghosts, the criminally insane, and the darkest place on earth. He said, “Take the road to the pavement’s end, and when the pavement again begins, travel no more.” He continued, “Should your venture exceed the limits, you will meet a past of Nuts and the White Lady.”
Quest Haven is a very isolated community buried in a valley of legends just west of our town. On the path leading to Quest Haven and as the trees and valley walls visually open around the road, there is a quarry for making headstones. With yielded stones on display along the roadside, the quarry sets a mood for an adventure the traveler is about to take. Just as the pavement ends is the campground my family would frequent. Due to the location beyond city limits, we could ride our dirt bikes, four wheel drives, and horses along the trails in the valley and up its walls by day. However, do not pass, where the pavement begins.
As the stories were presented to us, Quest Haven is a religious retreat with a history not to itself. The land is where the legend begins; as unconfirmed reports say, Quest Haven is the former location of an Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Distant neighbors used speak of the “Calls of the Bedlam”. Additionally, legend maintains, it is on this very land, where the Ghost of the White Lady still rides her horse in the night. A result of a murder/suicide, the story says the White Lady shall never rest until she finds her love. Since the development of a religious retreat, her sightings have decreased drastically.
One night, our small group of children decided to take the dirt road to where the pavement again begins. With trees on either side of the road, their branches stretched out offering a canopy for the road and its travelers. In the night air, we could not see the moon or even one star from the road and our flashlights lead the way through this above ground tunnel in nature. It is funny how environments like this and the imaginations of children can give life to shadows of the distance. We had decided to remain strong, for strength traveled in numbers, and no force will divert our quest, to see Quest Haven.
We came upon an iron gate, as the pavement again begins, standing ominously in the night. With a hush, we stood on the road’s side, shaking and trembling as we could hear noises not of the forest all around us. To this point, no danger fell our way; however, the warning signs were present and we could feel our hair stand on end. Out of the night air, a voice, not of our group, spoke to us to bring about our rapid escape. A quiet voice, low and monotone said, “Leave this area, and no trespassing”, immediately followed by the sound of a pump action shotgun. To this day, we are unclear if the fear originated from the sound of the voice or the shotgun, but it was true fear.
Every child has heard the legends from other children. Every child continues to hold an experience of validation to those legends. This is only one of mine.


Friday, August 04, 2006

  • The Secret
  • Hello All,

    As I set forth in my new adventure, to remove my mind of the previous, I see many unmarked doors before me. Should I enter, or only take in the view from the doorway?

    My new desire is to learn about the position which would be mine; I accepted the offer as a Photo Journalist by the way. I am finding the need to continue with my educational pursuit in photo/video editing. The editing software is now in my possession and I must increase my home computer’s hard drive size to accommodate a new requirement. At 660 GB, is this considered large, I don’t know, I hope this will handle the, soon to come, demands I will be placing on my system.
    Last evening, I did not wish to be at the mercy of the “Tony, the technically speaking representative” at our local Best Buy store; therefore, I asked a friend to join me in this critical shopping spree. My friend, aware of my situation, asked if I would be interested in watching a movie after I spend my hardly earned cash and I agreed.
    Back in the barracks, he placed a DVD movie of The Secret into his player and I sat back to watch. The cinema photography was that of a documentary; however, the editing was outstanding. Please, do not undermind the message, as this is the topic of today’s post.
  • The Secret
  • makes complete sense and I have been hearing it for most of my life. In my past, I was always too busy to place the puzzle together and now I am floored. I wish to, at minimum, make a request to you, my readers; I ask you give this a few minutes for consideration. The facts remain, this is not a religion or cult; this is not a “get rich quick” scheme; but only a brilliant view of life. I found myself in the unique position of already “Creating” the process naturally, without previously knowing what I was doing. The Secret is Wild! It requires NO large sum of money to learn and is free to employ.
    I have made the conscious decision to employ it in my life; so, please allow me to be your “test basis”. Remember, The Secret is something I will share with you. Go check it out.


    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Life to music; Music to life

    And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson
    Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom.
    Who am I, to keep you down?

    Thunder only happens when it’s raining.
    Players only love you when they're playin.
    Women, they will come and they will go.

    Have you any dreams, you’d like to sell?
    LA grew to much for the man,
    So he’s leaving the life, he’s come to know.
    The world he left behind, not so long ago.
    He’s leavin, on a midnight train to Georgia.

    It is time to shut down the entire BS around me, and release control for a future without care; because, it is time for a trip to the River. With property on the Colorado River, next week I am leaving this place, for boating. I spoke to the girls yesterday and they wish to go. Yes, it is time to recharge the batteries and bring an imagination back.

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006


    Hello All,
    I must comment on merit. If the old quote of “Patience is a virtue” is true, then your merit rates among the best in my book. What a tough time I am having, as I plug away at the tribulations of my world.

    June 2006, my friend and I, at her request, visited a psychic at the County fair. On the first sentence, this lady had my full and undivided attention with her statements, begining with, “You have had a really rough, past, three years”. From that moment on, she nailed it with every word out of her mouth. Money is my current issue, well the lack of and when the next check will be coming.
    This past Monday, I have received my first intriguing offer. Though I must completely change my life, I was offered a position as a Photo Journalist. As they stated, I "have an eye for composition”, what ever the hell that means; however, I have one. I need to learn the basics; however, the training will be on them, and I will be accepting an income.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is opportunity knocking.
    As I have said in the past, I began this project to learn- blogging. I wish to increase my writing potential, creativity, and communication skills to get away from the “Straight forward” Military writing.
    Funny how the tides react, as this has blind sided me- a Photo Journalist!
    By the way, as you may or may not be aware, I made a DVD movie on my little “surfing adventure” with the Canadians. This offer has come from the viewing of that project, and some sample writings.

    OK, this might lead to my next adventure- trusting a mate. With close to twenty years of being single, it may be time to trust again.

    Aw, who knows?
    Oh yah, the Psychic!

    Reach- will continue forward.

    Ps- Kind of weird, since I had never really given credit to fortune tellers, I really did not think she would come through for me. I was wrong.