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Monday, October 30, 2006

Gibraltars of life

Hello All,

I am certain to lose my reader base due to my lack of involvement on my own site. Originally, I wanted this site to report my on-going medical status and to practice my writing skills. You see, I love to write and use my vivid imagination. Through my life, I have had the fortune of many unique adventures to illustrate. I can not explain why these ventures fall into my lap, but they do and I never hesitate in participating.
This past 3.5 years have been very tough and completely tried my attitude; however, I have walked away a better man. I view myself as better only because my views in life and other people have changed. I am more tolerant, and I have gained tremendous respect for others as I have learned we can not, nor should not, see another person’s façade and assume we are meeting the full person. The foundation of each individual personality continues to grow through their adversities and life’s lessons. Therefore, every person will change and we should expect this.

Prior to the accident, I was a “Now” minded individual. I planned for the future, as my training had taken over; yet, I very much enjoyed the moments with my friends in various locations.

Here is a sunset outside my window in Rota Spain. I like this photo, for it reminds me of found times. Like, when we rented cars and drove to The Rock of Gibraltar.

Anyway, I am lucky for my friends, as they have remained by my side through this ordeal and I value them this much more. I am lucky for my life, as I continue to give thanks every day and I appreciate the good things still coming my way. Mostly, I am lucky for my family, as my friends are included in this category, for my love for them will never end. Also, I would like to add, I am lucky for you, my individual reader, as you show your patients through my dry times and laugh with me as my life turns funny. Laughter is the best medicine, and I could not imagine sharing these times with any other person- So, to my Gibraltars, I thank you.

Standing steady, through history and into the future, we must remember the mirror not only reflects who we are, but where we have been- that is our foundation.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yesterday, part duex

Hello All,

To continue with the previous post, so scroll down and read that one first:

“The Good”, when I returned to her office, she had found the missing paper-work locked in the office next to hers. Imagine That! And, it would be no problem to copy the original and include the copied form for a complete DD214. She assured me and everybody else in the office, that I should have the form next week. She was beautiful.

Why did I lose my temper? For more than three years, I have been dealing with this system and that system. Why did I cave in? Could I have not been releasing, and just over-loaded on stress? It did not help to make me feel better.

“The Good”, continued….
Last night I spoke with a Captain I used to fly with at the company. We spoke and caught up on many levels. Then it happened, he offered me a position with his new company. I re-informed him of the lost medical rating and it did not matter to him. “We”, he said, “can work around that”. The job offers are starting to come in, so I had better be prepared.

Once I realized that my attitude is in check with my work ethic, I knew all was not lost.

A New Moral for Me- “Patience is a virtue I should not hurry to have!”

With less than three months to January, I have less than three months to work on my ankle. The
  • Skyhawks
  • are returning, and I am going to jump with them. Well, that was the agreement before they left, last summer.

    So, watch the sky as I climb higher and higher. I wish to Reach the Stars.

    Just a thought.


    Oh, I believe in Yesterday......

    Hello All,

    Yesterday met all criteria for “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”; therefore, I shall begin with the later.

    “The Ugly”, I woke up….Ok, I think that about sums up that one. As I watched the sun rise, from the shower window, I said good bye to that category and began my day.

    “The Bad”, I lost my temper. I am proud of the fact, that I can maintain control and keep my attitude in check through all the adversities in my life. I have not been violent in more than ten years, and proud of that fact- well, until yesterday.
    Since being released from active duty, and physically unable to regain employment in my former position, I filed for unemployment to carry myself through the next few months- would hate to drain my account completely. Also, I visited my friend at the VA to file my disability claim. Each will require my DD214, a form used by the military to document your achievements and experiences. OK, that being said, I went back to the base to request there be no delay on issuing that form. OOPS, they do not have all of the appropriate paper-work and of the items that are missing, have been shredded! OMG, now what shall I do. Please do not misunderstand my intentions, as I am looking at a disability rating close to 50%.

    Shhhh, don’t tell anybody that I do not let that stand in my way of living life to the fullest, I shall tell you about my next adventure at the end of this post.

    Anyway, I asked what I could do to solve this problem and received a minor attitude from the clerk. OK, again?.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been doing well to stay in control. The clerk said, “Sorry, and oh-by-the-way, you are not the only person waiting on their DD214!”

    You know, I was born at night, but not last night. No I did not say that to her.

    I know that I am not the only one; additionally, I know that I fall in a sequential line. “I am only attempting to learn the time frame of this process”, I said. Still not losing my temper (so proud), as I am witnessing my disability claim fly out the window. I asked, “What can be done, to get these forms I require”. She informed me that it will probably take up to six months- Now you know the time that my ten year achievement was ending.

    You see, I would be forced to begin the claim process all over, without this form. I do not know if I should go six months.

    “Six Months, I asked? So, I packed up my belongings and grabbed my brief case and thanked her, still being polite and by some appearance, calm, and left her office. I immediately returned to my office and threw my brief case across the room. I next went for a walk in the atrium, to steady my nerves. After I returned to my office, I found that I had broken my brief case- that is why I do not like to lose my temper, it only does damage and is not productive. I sorted and organized the paper-work that was everywhere and made a second attempt for the DD214.

    The young lady had some time for reflection and made a conscious decision to be more than helpful. And she was.

    Part One,


    Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Hello All,
    It is Sunday and I’m back from my first Reserve Weekend in many years. Yes, I am again a “Weekend Warrior”, and must plan my Reserve Weekends, months in advance. I originally planned to post this last Friday; however, due to time constraints did not. In that planned post, I wished to express a little more about myself and offer some photos from my house.

    I awoke to blue skies and a nice view toward the ocean. Here is the Pacific Ocean, as seen from one of my balconies, 20 miles away. Of course, I am positioned within an approach path of the local airport.

    Same location and here is an evening shot.

    Again, same location and here is the sunset.

    As my reader base has decreased, the more dedicated have remained and my interactions are becoming more personal. Yet, I must keep in mind of other blogger friend’s experiences and apply the lessons I have witnessed them learn.

    I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into this portion of my world.


    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    Parrot Head- Day!

    Hello All,

    Today I am drunk. Somehow, the inner voice is telling me- do not post while in this state. Hell, I am in California, what does that have to do with anything?

    Jimmy Buffet would be proud. Rum and Coke (how do I make the Trademark symbol) are flowing with little viscosity today. Have you ever tried Malibu Rum? MMM, it is good! Why does the word "ever" look so weird, while I am in this state. Not California, but mind. I checked the beach report, and the swells look horrible for paddling out; so, I upgraded the computer today. Of course, I did this prior the "Home" festivities that I am now experiencing.

    OMG (Oh My Gawd), I have just realized the last time that I was in this frame of mind. Considering I currently suffer from "Convenient Alzheimers", I am not afforded the date to relay to you. But, it was a thought.

    Or, should I close with:

    Just a thought,


    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    Why I've been so distant

    Hello All,
    The past three years have culminated into three eventful weeks. This past three weeks proved to be very educational, as well as emotional.
    In previous posts, I have described the events that I have, and had been, living through. The boards had made their final decisions and sent out the notifications and of course the “trickle-down” effects have finally reached me.
    It begins, “Officials within the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force have determined that subject member is physically fit for continued military duty.”

    Thank you, as this has been my premise since day one.

    It continues, “He is placed on Assignment Limitation Code ‘xxx-x’ status indefinitely at the direction of the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Surgeon. Subject member may not be removed from this status without prior approval from the AFRC Command Surgeon.”

    Ok, this leaves room for future fitness tests and a reevaluation- I hope. Now for the comedy, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Continuing, “Update assignment limitation code ‘xxx-x’ to “X” and DAV with an expiration date of 08 August 3888 (indefinite) and Duty Status code “00”.”

    Did you see that date?? I am grounded from flight for 1,882 years! That will be 209 consecutive military careers! Also, that will be 25 life times!

    The following is the findings basis:
    The subject member currently suffers from a symptomatic superolateral talar dome osteochondral defect with a new distal tibial osteochondral defect.

    So, now you have it-


    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    Last night I thought

    Hello All,
    I am home and about ready to finalize my Active Duty Tour by filing the finishing paper work at the base. Last night I was sitting and thinking of days gone by, then memories of old friends entered my thoughts. How are they now? What are they doing? Would they be surprised, knowing “the previous me” and seeing “the me” that is now?

    Pastor was a high school friend, just beyond the acquaintance level. Should he have asked for help, I certainly would’ve responded. I did not know Pastor outside of school, nor did I know or run in his crowd. You see, we had a culturally diverse friendship- but a friendship non-the-less. Last year was my high-school reunion and during that time of festivity I learned of Pastor’s passing. He died some time shortly after our graduation. He died of a disease, famous for striking a particular culture. It hit me then, and I can not explain why, but I remembered him last night.

    I wondered last night of his life’s direction, had it not been shortened. I imagined his success from knowing his drive, enthusiasm, and personality. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks- Tony.

    Tony and I were close friends through high-school. Unfortunately, Tony did not graduate- to the best of my memory. Tony passed away at an earlier age than Pastor. Tony was an avid drag-racer; in a town full of motor-heads.

    The little city where we all grew up was rated “Number Three in the nation” by the national magazines for auto-sport hobbyists- and cruising was the draw. Imagine a 3.5 mile, four lane road full of people. I’m not just speaking of the bumper to bumper traffic, but the side-walks were full of those claiming their position for the night’s activities- thousands and thousands of people.

    This is only a small view into my high-school years. When I was not practicing skating, surfing, with the band, or just hanging out; I was a Motor-Head!

    Last night, some friends and I hung out again.


    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Progress Report- Just a quick note:

    Hello All,
    Well this is my second day of being an unemployed civilian. It is nice to sleep in- something I’ve not done for some time. Also, I don’t even think about those “Oh-Dark, thirty” alerts. I can sleep through the night, or even stay up as late as I wish.

    Yesterday I accomplished too much and I am beginning to think that I must pace myself. Our mail has been going undelivered due to an unlock-able mail box and the postal person will not leave our mail un-safe. I’ve tried to have my son and room-mate pick up the mail at the post office for over a week- and I succeeded yesterday; however, the post office was unaware of any returned mail. Well, I guess those important letters will have to be re-sent.

    I am not certain if I have previously addressed the next issue, so here you go. Though I could not be hired into the photo-journalist’s position, I did decide to continue photographing and editing. This idea spawned my production company, which I shall describe in more detail as all of the legalities are finished. Although, I do have my first production almost ready to shoot in the next month. I had a meeting with the client yesterday and we sat down and discussed our ideas. I think with this collaboration, we are going to finish with an outstanding Promotional Video. This film is going to focus on a particular company and its participation and contributions to off-road racing. So here is the foundation of yesterday’s discussion: Opening scene is going to be a desert camp-site in the early morning hours. All bodies are slowly waking from their sleep. As one person starts their vehicle’s engine, the other people awaken and slowly head to their own vehicle. We shall include some professional drivers suiting up in these shots. Additionally, there will be one “Retired” couple beginning their day. All shots will be directed to enhance the final scenes- that of “Trophy-Kart” races. If you’ve not witnessed the Trophy-Kart division, I highly recommend seeing it once. I was amazed at the things these carts will do……Wow.

    Today, I tore into my truck’s motor for some preventative maintenance. Oh yes, and I watched a movie. I am going to count these past two days as a weekend. Tomorrow I plan to either go to the base and finish some paper work, or, work in the yard around here. I’ve not done any yard work for some time, as I have been asking my son and room-mate to do these chores. While it is work; it is very relaxing and I shall need to enter the “Job-Hunting” force with a clear and positive mind.

    Bottom line- I am happy.