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Friday, March 31, 2006


It is Aprils Fools Day tomorrow and I have not read one Fools day Blog. I guess there will be no "premature" foolishness.
April is here and it is Air show season, yes, our air show will be in a few weeks and everybody is preparing for the big event. Thus far, we are anticipating at least 60,000 spectators.
What a joy.

Paris, California is the world foremost location for the sport of Parachuting. All of the major teams come here to practice. Currently, I have been speaking with the members of the Canadian Skyhawks. They are great group of people, even though they are killing me at the game of “Texas Hold’em”.

All of the years they have been coming to Southern California and not once, no- not one single time, have they attempted our local sport of surfing. Therefore, with the help of my friends; we have invited the team to a day of tutorial surfing on our beaches. Amazingly, with all of the “air” surfing they have achieved, they are quite excited to “getting-wet” and learning the "finer" parts of the liquid sport. As you can see, wave selection is everything!

Then, after a great "getting-wet" day, we will show them the finer parts of the board walk as we take in the views........

from our favorite Pubs.

Living life-California Style.

Should you find yourself in the Riverside/Los Angeles areas on April 29-30, please give us a visit. While unofficial, there will be some “world” records falling on that weekend. You have to be here to witness it!

Have a great Weekend.


Here are some treats, from our last air show-


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Title goes here #2

Did I do that correctly, Hill?


Title goes here #1

OK, I am new!
Para number one.

Para number two.

Time to Fucking rant!


is that better?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hello again,
Second Post of the day.
I was thinking, the other night, of my morning rituals with my friends and how they have changed.

At this time, mid-1980’s and I was in my early twenties, I worked at Cinema Air Jet Center (CA), a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at a local airport. I had just returned from the Air Force’s aircraft maintenance school and was continuing my education in the civilian aviation world as a Lineman. I will have to tell you about CA, in another post. The only thing I will say now is; if you watch movies about aviation, you have seen us. Anyway, we would wake in the morning and decide as a group to the events of the day. The FBO was located in Carlsbad which is very central to most of our preferred events. On winter mornings, we had the choice of surfing or snow skiing. Our plan usually worked well. As we would wake, and nobody felt the mood to “get wet”-surf, we would decide to hit the slopes- "get sloped". Working at an airport brings many perks. One of the guys, “M”, lived in nearby Encinitas and could reach the airport in a manor of minutes. “M” would say, “Meet me at the airport and I will have the airplane ready”. We would collectively gather our equipment and off we would go. Proving extremely beneficial, we had a number of pilots in the group and we worked well as a team.

As we arrived to the airplane, it was in a launch position and the preflight in progress. Back then, we would always park our vehicles in the aircraft’s tie down spot. With a couple of guys loading our equipment into the plane, the others would finish the preflight and prepare to go. This whole process went by with ease and we could be in our seats within a matter of minutes. We are going skiing!

Landing at Big Bear California was the coolest thing ever. The short runway, by comparison to what we have become accustomed, surrounded by the lake, always increased my adrenaline levels with anticipation of the unfolding events. We are going skiing!

After hitching a ride to the resort, we would take care of the lift tickets and equipment and then off to the lift. Please do not let me mislead you, I have only skied a couple dozen times, in my life. I am, by no means, an experienced skier as these times were my only chances to practice this sport. I would make it to the top of the mountain and select a trail, I was not too intimidated by black diamonds and such. Then, I would head down and stop at the next intersection of trails. I could not continue from one trail to the next.

“M”, on the other hand, learned as a child from his father’s friend, a down hill world champion. He had a very graceful style as he tracked down the mountain with his own fluid motion. As he was teaching us about down hill speed and down hill jumps, there were these four gentlemen screaming by us. On the slopes, the "general" skiers tend to maintain a certain speed. There are those who are faster, and those who are slower than the steady flow of skiers. I remained at the same pace with the flow. I remember “M”, as he was teaching “J” the art of aerial body form at these speeds and there flying by us were these four guys. Wow, were they moving! I did not have the courage to begin a thought of attempting such “tricks”- speed and jumping.

“M” finally said, “T, you need to lose your fear”, by following him down the trail. He said, “I want you to follow me, keep up and stay in my tracks”. Oh, and by the way, “We are going to ski from the top to the bottom, repeatedly”. The first time, was OK, as there were no referencing skiers and I had no idea of the speed I was attaining. The second time, with my legs burning, “M” crossed an intersecting trail and I focused on his tracks, as he had said. Then, from nowhere came these four individuals, who I was completely impressed by their speeds. As they fell in behind “M”, I quickly noticed my gaining speed to these people. I was overtaking them! Holly 5hit!!!!! I could not imagine, as I had earlier sat on the side and watch these people ski, how anybody could carelessly move at such a momentum down this mountain!

Now, I am exceeding their achievement of force!

I survived that little adventure with very sore leg muscles; however, it became an addiction. “M” was forced to pull me off of that mountain, as everybody else in the group was ready to depart.

“Hello, my name is Reach and I am an addict”!

Hello all,
I had a relaxing, non-productive weekend. Every project I began, it appeared something would bring it to a stand still. However, I did relax.

T.H. asked of my invitations to join United States Olympic teams. This would be a good time to begin this one. I have always had excellent balance. In the late 1970’s, I competed in skating. I loved to ice and roller skate. After all, roller skating was getting a second wind on the west coast and everybody was participating. I played ice hockey and was good at my position. I competed in figure skating and rexing. It was through the many connections of my hobbies, I found out of the scouting. The US figure skating team’s couching staff was considering me as a member. Additionally, rising hopes of rexing’s addition to the Olympic program lead to my selection to that team, as well. And, that is how that story captivated my life one year.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Mobile Otto

It appears blogger is allowing my presence, once again. Sorry about the past few days.
Today I escaped a tag by Melissa and others. I had plans on writing on the subject of the “Monsters” we create, but that will have to wait.

Teri posted an article that truly captured my attention and brought forth many suppressed feelings. “Marvel” has touched her life to such a degree; I could feel it through her words. It is for this reason; my post for today shall be dedicated to Otto, my grandfather.

Born to a fully Irish home, Otto lived a true frontiersman’s life. Otto’s first day on this fantastic planet was witnessed (as he would have said) “in the year of our Lord, 19 hun-derd”. Before the age of ten, Otto was a wagon train scout, for the family’s westward migration. You see, they did not have open roads at this time and the automobile was not the transportation of choice, when the relocation journey called. He would ride ahead of the train in search of water, rough terrain, and places to bed down for the night. Always a true horseman, Otto could train the wildest of animals with a simple touch of his gentle spirit. He had this way of becoming one with any of “God’s” creatures.

He would sit me on his lap and describe his childhood. Not the usual “walk two miles, up hill, in the snow, to school, and thankful” tales would he illustrate. He told me of those “good ole fashioned gun fights”. As a child of an old western town, he was the boy, depicted in the movies whose mother was “yellin” for him to return to the house. He would find someplace safe, to watch. I would laugh as he described these battles. They never ended up in shooting each other. “Nobody wanted to be the first to draw”, as the two men stood in the street yelling at each other. The next thing you would know, “they’d be in a fist fight, ‘cause nobody wanted to draw their gun”. He did describe a couple of “accidental” shootings that ended up with the local Sheriff escorting the individual down the middle of the street. You see, back then, he said, “We were good God fear in folk”.

Otto witnessed the introduction of farm equipment and said, “I would’nt trade my team for any of those new fangled things”. He would be awake, fed, and in the fields before the dew could evaporate from the morning sun. Otto knew the feeling of a “hard days work”, and I miss his stories.

In the years of his life experiencing forties, Otto was drafted to “this here, World War Two”! However, before his days of leaving the farm and heading off to Basic Training, he told me, “That dog-gone Hitler heard this Irishman was-a-comin”, he continued, “An done killed himself”! As I laughed, I asked him, “So what did you do next”? He said, “The next morning I planted corn. Gotta feed the family!”

In the 1930’s, Otto and his wife separated, as her life had taken her into a drastically different direction than their “little house on the prairie”. Otto found himself the opportunity to remarry, and he took it. This is where my family tree begins. Viola, a young farm girl, daughter to the “C” clan, hailed from Scotland. Her blood line brought the Irish-Scottish-German genes to three daughters. A very loving family, who lived on the farmlands of Nebraska; they maintained “relations” with “perdy much the whole town”.

The 1950’s brought the “F” clan to California. Two of the three farm girls, transported from the fields to the beach, sun, surf, and- boys. Now this was a time for Otto! Everything was going in so many directions, but he held tight to his “moral fortitude”. The family did well and prospered in both, love and money. The seemed to grow closer, and Otto and Viola were happy.

Otto met this gentleman, who was to have a Television show. He and this gentleman held many common denominators through their life’s experiences. Thus with a Russian/German accent, Lawrence Welk offered Otto a job. Otto’s abilities to work with his hands and animals, he worked at Mr. Welk’s resort.

Well, I am beginning to think this is long enough, so,
Have a great weekend, all


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why Can

why can I, not view my site?
As I search for my site, I can only see a blank page.

can you see this post?


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fallen Rock

Like so many of us in our youth; when I was a child, my grandfather sat me on his knee and told me a story. He told me of his days, growing up in the “wild west”. My grandfather was born in 1900 and was the best story teller I have ever known. I can remember looking forward to the visions soon to be played out in my mind, as he would begin. This is one such story and I have relayed it to my children, and now to you.
The Story of Fallen Rock!
Many years ago, the west was occupied by many Native American Indians, who lived in many diverse tribes. The tribes were mostly nomadic and lived successfully off of the fruitful land.
Running Dear, a beautiful teenaged daughter of the Village Chief, was playing in the field near the village. At the edge of the forest, she could see the outline of a warrior approaching. As he drew nearer, she realized he was not part of her village; in fact, this young, handsome boy was not from their area. According to the Tribal Law, she could not approach him, so she led him to her village where he and the village leaders could speak. The young warrior’s name was Fallen Rock and he was on his “vision quest”, to find his place in the world. The village leaders said he could remain with their village as long as he desired.
Since Running Dear was a young girl, the villagers all believed she would unite with Soaring Eagle. They were a match, made from the stars and all the villagers knew the spirits would bless their union. Unfortunately, not even the Medicine Man could foresee the arrival of Fallen Rock.
Running Dear and Fallen Rock grew to know each other very well. Soaring Eagle, always concentrating on his position within the tribe, held no jealousy. You see, Soaring Eagle was the fastest of the braves. In his possessions, he held many offerings for Running Dear’s hand. He did not think about her heart.
As tradition would say, there was a contest between Soaring Eagle and Fallen Rock. The winner, would not only claim his place among the other men, but would also have Running Dear as a mate. This contest was very important for both young men.
At first, both would take the challenges in the other’s presence. The contest consisted of fire building, hunting, horse back riding, and a form of community service within the village. Each event would be graded by the Chief, Running Dear’s father, and the tribal council. Soaring Eagle was a fierce competitor, and remained very surprised at Fallen Rock’s ability to remain in the competition. Running Dear, would watch and secretly cheer for Fallen Rock under her breath.
As with the legend, the event ended in a tie. This led to the final event; a trek into the mountains for the retrieval of one eagle feather. Each warrior must set out on separate paths, and all knew Soaring Eagle was favored for the win. His knowledge of the mountains was pure.
After the first moon, the tribe waited for them to return. On the second moon, Soaring Eagle returned without his prize. He was unsuccessful in locating the eagle’s perch. After the third moon, the tribe began to wonder of the outcome to their new warrior addition to the tribe. Seven moons have passed, and the Chief declared Soaring Eagle the victor and the sorrow filled Running Dear stood by her man during their marriage.
Soaring Eagle was the perfect husband and father. But, Running Dear’s heart remained with the lost warrior, Fallen Rock. As their children grew, she would tell them of the great feats by Fallen Rock. All knew of her love.
As she grew old, her grandchildren would hear the stories and ask to be told again. Their curiosity grew and knew of their grandmother’s broken heart. Soaring Eagle had long been gone, as he joined the spirits that watch over the people and valleys.
Running Dear’s grandchildren decided to find answers, so their beloved grandmother could finally rest. The grandchildren petitioned the all governments for aid. Many other people joined their quest, and with a force as large as the wind, they posted signs asking for help.

To this day, nobody knows what happened to Fallen Rock.

It is for this reason, as you drive in the mountains surrounding California, you just might hear them calling for him. Should he hear, and not find who is calling; all the children have placed signs for Fallen Rock to follow.

You may have even seen one of these signs.

That is why-
on the road side you will see-


Tuesday, March 14, 2006


In the past, I have opened my window for you to see who guides and presents my thoughts of the moment. I have walked you down a guided tour of where I am, where I will go, and presented to you some thoughts and dreams. In a mildly Steven King way, I’ve opened a small dark door and examined part of why I am today. I’ve been playful, with little games of awareness in playing these questionnaire “tags”.
As the sun shines through the forest, we can see a morning light- for hear comes some pleasures of what I call my life.

I have briefly touched about my “animal magic”. Here are some more, so sit back, poor a drink and light ‘em if ya got ‘em.

I knew at an early age of my ability to approach frightened or angry animals. At 5 years old, I think, my parents placed me on my first memorable horse. I did not hold the reins, nor did I grip with my legs and this huge animal did everything I desired. While camping, something my family has done more times than one can count, I could venture into the wilderness and make a new friend. I have been fortunate to walk up on bears, in Yosemite, or play a game of hide and seek with a wild fox. And, it in return, chased me and let me barely keep up with it.
In my surfing days, I would love to surf the Ponto break. If anybody comes to this area and holds a desire to watch the natural dolphin, go to Ponto and watch them play in the surf. They will even play around you in the water.
While sitting on my board, I could see them swimming all around me, and I just wanted to dive in and swim with them. I guess the point came when they had decided enough was enough and the next thing I knew, one was floating right next to my board. I could see one eye and it was watching me. As my desire grew to reach out and touch this oceanic mammal, its body drift into my leg and my hand instinctively flinched into the touch that my soul, so deeply desired. This form of communication lasted only a few seconds, but there was to be a return opportunity, to which I was not hesitant. I had made a new friend and I swam with a dolphin.
As I became a High-School student, and was dating a wonderful girl who owned competition horses, my equestrian days returned. The quality of animals they had was extraordinary. Todd had asked about my invitations to join Olympic teams. I know I have only written about one, but there were more. This was the first- as a rider. “Sparky” was a best friend, confident, and team mate. I was young, immature, and a typical teen with many “irons in the fire”. One of my most favorable memories came with riding Sparky. To ride a jumper and feel the calm serenity of a leisure walk will surprise the smallest of hairs on the back of your neck, as you feel the rush of power when he lines up for a jump. Thank you Squeak.
Horses speak a different language, but they do speak to you, if you will listen. Sparky’s ears would turn forward and focus on the jump. His head would slightly dip as his neck lengthened and you could feel the muscles in his back tighten. At that moment, one would know the calm before the storm has ended and the “front” was on and about to take you away. The world around you both would blur, (just as the movies would have you believe) as you focus on the upcoming jump too. As nature would intend, you hold on to anything you can, for the animal and your mount are about to run off from under you. For only a moment, because this is the only time you have for distractions, you can sense the speed you have acquired in just a few of strides with every part of your body and soul. As I write this to inform you, the reader, I am taken back to those moments and I can feel my heart and soul again.
This was only one adventure.
And for that visual, there were many times we would hitch up the sulky to "Balls" and go down to the local fast food drive through. It was funny, considering this is southern California in a non-farming community, the "Jack-in-the-Box" manager would train their new hires on weekend mornings. Imagine, the trainee just learning how to run the register and this horse would stick its head through the window. Well, it was a time.



Monday, March 13, 2006


Hello All,

Wow, now I have done it. To be completely honest, I do not have much to write about on this day. During my tours, I have decided to add Stat Counter to my site and I am happy I have done this. I can see people coming back to read more, and more.

As you know, I have previously opened myself up and made some confessions. I did not expect any feed back; however, I was very surprised at what I did receive. To those, thank you. Again, you are encouraging me.

This last weekend brought some fun times with my son and his girlfriend. On Friday night, I began to make some chili. It generally takes two full days to make this recipe. I do make it from scratch and with natural ingredients. I brought it into work today for those who work in the office. The chili was not it’s full self; in that, I did not wish to make it “over” spicy the way I usually make. With this batch, I left out the Chili peppers that are one Jalapeno pepper, one Serrano pepper, one Anaheim pepper, 1/2 Habanera pepper, and a secret ingredient I found south of the border. I was not pleased with the final batch, but hey, those in the office liked it and that is what counts. Sunday, I went down into San Diego, as a friend’s child is an aspiring actress and had some lessons to attend. During this visit, I found my next cell phone and purchased one. I think it is going to take me the next month in learning the operations of this unit. It is the Treo by Palm and paired with Sprint.

Tonight, I must return to the house and be back into work again tomorrow.

Have a great Night.

In addition, welcome to “T”, from the office. Now you can see my site, though I can not see yours. Funny, you can see umm mmm- never mind.


Friday, March 10, 2006


Melissa tagged me with the following, I have read the results when she is disappointed. I like harmony….LOL

6 Weird Things You Did Not Know About Me, But Should, Otherwise Life As You It Will Not Continue:
1) I am a good sounding board for people
2) I feel my life is a mess
3) People who know me, comment positively on my organizational skills
4) I have mental “blinders” when I work on a project
5) I was invited to join an Olympic Team
6) I was invited to interview as Mechanic/Engineer on the “Memphis Belle”

4 Jobs I have Had In My Life:
1) Laboratory Technician for Sony Corporation
2) Airplane Crew Chief for the motion picture industry
3) Entertainer
4) Changed Tires for the Sears Automotive Shop

4 Movies I Could Watch Repeatedly and Over…...
1) Caddy Shack
2) Phone Booth
3) Unbreakable
4) If only you could see what I hear

4 Places I Have Lived:
1) Manila, Philippines
2) Anchorage, Alaska
3) San Diego, California
4) Altus, Oklahoma

4 TV Shows With Which I Like To Numb My Mind:
1) Survivor
2) Two and a half Men
3) How I met your mother
4) The test pattern

4 Places I have Visited In Order To Forget About The Real World For A While:
1) Uluru Ayers Rock, Australia
2) Pagsanjan Falls, Baguio City, Philippines
3) Corregidor Island, Philippines
4) Gibraltar

4 Websites I Visit Daily:
1) http://djshane.blogspot.com/
2) http://vetspeed.blogspot.com/
3) http://thisisitseriously.blogspot.com/
4) http://oviedochickens.blogspot.com/
5) http://janelovestarzan.com/
6) http://herestohappywomen.blogspot.com/
7) http://philosophicallybroken.blogspot.com/
8) http://thehotlibrarian.blogspot.com/
(over achiever)

4 Foods I could Get Enormously Fat On, If I Didn’t Stop Myself:
1) Lumpia
2) Baklava
3) Lebni
4) Real Yogurt

4 Places I’d Rather Be Than Parked At My Desk:
1) 43,000’ (straight up)
2) Surfing
3) Jeeping
4) Any Place in the Pacific Rim

2 People who may Do This:
1) http://vetspeed.blogspot.com/
2) http://janelovestarzan.com/


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rough Edges

Aside from my poor writing skills, I include myself in a vast group of aspiring writers with the hope of one day being published. My imagination is extremely vivid and usually draws upon my own experiences. As I hear or read a story, I can actually watch it play out in my mind. This includes so many aspects from color, sound, and even smell.
When I decided to venture down this avenue, I did not understand the concepts of the people who were already playing on this street in Blog City. These abilities that I have witnessed are astounding. Each of you bring forward the gift of word smithery and with your talents; you let me know just how far behind I really am in this game of story telling. As with my ventures, practice will take me to the level I desire. Your “openness” to express your lives, families, and feelings is very much inspiring for me. Here is a story about my past that is not related to my typical aviation, surfing, and sometimes Jeeping.
At an early age, I had “anger” issues. When I lost my temper, it was ugly. To say that I exceeded the “problem” child degree is a direct understatement. I was in many fights with many people and I did not discriminate. As stated, it was ugly. My uncle brought forward a joke of a suggestion to my parents. Well, that is what the surrounding family thought- “you have to be joking?” He suggested my enrollment in the Martial Arts to learn discipline, self-esteem and focus. Looking back, it was the best thing anybody could have ever done for me. My first style, there have been seven total, was the ATA Tae Kwon Do Korean Karate. I made my ranks very quickly due to my ability to learn and perfect the Kata’s moves. Second, I trained in limalama, also known as Lao, “No Ka OI” or “Indeed the Best”. “The Hands of Wisdom” styling was a cultural teaching of the island life. For a young Southern California surfer, this was perfect. I was fortunate to learn from the only west coast Master (in that day- we are talking about the '60's). In this style, it was possible to break without leaving any form of bruising or sever. My third style was a natural transition, as I learned Kenpo. I decided my training required a course change and began simultaneous training in Judo and Aikedo. The nature behind Aikedo, with it’s throws, falls and mainly defensive form enhanced my Judo training. I felt I was missing form and fluidity in my movements. I began my training in East Shaolin Kung Fu, and I have always enjoyed the weapons training.
There is one style, I have experienced, and I will not speak of it. I have entered tournaments, some I have lost and others I have won. Many people I have spoken with, through the years, inquire about my belts, sashes, or degrees. I’ve not attained the highest in any one style, nor do I desire too. My training has always remained spiritual in nature for me. In the years of my training, my greatest luck came with my instructors. I have always, and in each style, learned from a Master. Their wisdoms and philosophies carried me through the years and I know they would each be proud of the fights I have walked away from, especially when compared to the individual they each had first met. To this day, I only have three fights I am ashamed for my participation. Each ended up in a place it should have never seen.

I bring this up because last weekend I had coffee with an old friend. One who knew my past, only from his presence. I am not proud of this time, but I do think about it.
That was the rougher side.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good weekend for all? At first, I had scheduled three days of relaxation, but that turned into four.
So, the weekend was spent fasting. Yuck! Why is fasting not fast?
I am very happy to say, the garage is almost completely equipped for wood working. I can see a new dash board on the horizon. I have even entertained the thought of shaping a surf board.

As the time rose for “Blog surfing” this morning, I have found a familiar “beach” with a “new wave”. http://mchammer.blogspot.com , Yes, Mr. M.C. Hammer is back, and now he is blogging. Good luck!

My son signed the paperwork, yesterday, to join the Air Force. I went to one of the Squadrons this afternoon to enquire a date for his interview. No matter what I say, he still maintains his desire for flight. I can not say that I blame him- I fully know the feeling. The Squadron was very happy to hear about his ROTC experience, that can only be a plus.
Well, I shall keep this short….
Until later,


Friday, March 03, 2006


Before I leave for the weekend, I opened an email with a request for some aviation photos. You may have seen some of these before. If you like these, I will publish my personals.


C-141, on the ice- South Pole

C-141, on the ramp, after a long day.

The following, need no introduction!

Yes, I am in the Air Force.

Have a good night.



I have been too busy, of late, and have not posted. In accordance to my agreement with Melissa, I better post today. I have been fortunate to receive a three day weekend, only because I have had duty for the past 12 days. In this time, I have created a spreadsheet to better track the individual squadron’s success in the quarterly awards. I have also attended the Annual Awards Banquette, as a Group representative. We won one quarter at the Wing level. Additionally, I made a mountain of papers on my desk.

Tomorrow I am going to purchase a new work bench, storage unit, twin wheel grinder, and a combination belt/disk sander for the garage.

Denny nailed my little trivia question, which means I must up the level for the next question. Oh, what the hey- Here is another one.

Cows travel in a herd,
Whales travel in a pod,
Some birds travel in a flock,
What do Turtles travel in?

To be completely honest, I have only seen this one written in one place. Good luck.
(I hope this one is not too easy, like that last)

As some of you know, I am a Survivor fanatic. I still do not know why, but I am a Survivor Fanatic! On last night’s episode, I was wishing, hoping, Demanding, the team remove Shane from the mix. Why can they not see he is a hot head and will only bring them down? On the other hand, is that just me and that guy just gets under my skin? Last night, he made another player swear on his son’s life. As a father, I would never, ever, Really Never, even think of such a thing. Not that this simple swear would truly have an effect on the child’s life. I just feel it disrespectful to go down this path with any other human being. And then, the laugh came when Shane went back on his word, that very night. LOL “Oh, yes, Shane, you really meant it, didn’t you?” Also, I’ll bet Shane would have been soooo upset, if Danny, I think that was the guy’s name, would have gone back on his word. Drama, Drama, Drama- Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, does come to mind. But, Shane, I know you think it is OK for you to go back on your word, huh? Any way, this brought me back to SERE school. At the very beginning of the course, they explain the confidential nature of the school. Therefore, out of respect, I shall not go into detail. However, I wonder if my experience in that course is the reason, I love the Survivor show this much. I did learn a lot there, in that course. You know, I really do miss that course. I had too much fun.

Well, this is enough for now. Have a great weekend, all.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006


For today's post, I bring a Trivia question of the day.

In the long playing series, “The Lone Ranger”,
what was Tonto’s horse’s name?

Hint: what was Tonto to the Lone Ranger?