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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Decided to take the dog for a drive in my son's new car.

That "Boy" thinks he needs to modify the power band from the engine; what do you think?

I know you will understand when I tell you about this visual image I get, as I think of him driving around town.

Well, I can not say that I do not deserve this treatment.......

You just had to be there, that Christmas.

Just a simple post, today. Maybe more later, who knows?


Monday, February 27, 2006

Training Wheels

Situational Awareness is important. As I attempt to become a better blogger/writter, I am trying to remain focused on the content of my blog.

I am learning more and more, thanks to the many people, who help my learning experiences and assist me in becoming more entertaining. As I have read my previous posts, I found my trend of rambling and moving from one subject to the next in the same post. I think if I just pay attention to the direction I am moving, and stop looking around, I will finally reach my conclusion. The repeating of any certain topic, is exactly what I am speaking about.

This post is my attempt to include photos, which I am certain is on the list of basics for many of you. I feel like the child, learning to ride a bicycle with training wheels, I can do this like the "big boys", now.

As I venture into new areas, I must remember to also look for those lurking, and keep them interrested, but not too much.

And, when given the chance, I should slow down to just say hello- no matter what the occasion or event.

Not everyday is a beautiful, summer day in the desert for a cruise. Talk about a surprise, as you misspoke and left somebody behind during the conversation-

This is when lounging is not an option. So, watch as I learn.

If you have suggestions, I am open for improvement.

I shall see how this one goes.......


I have been tagged

Hello All,
I do hope everybody had a good weekend. I spent the entire weekend at work. Saturday brought the troops into the squadrons and we had much preparation for them. Saturday night, brought our Annual Awards Banquette, where one of my members will be moving on to Air Force Command for competition, I am excited for him. Sunday, was my Board, a quarterly award where we recognize three members of the Squadrons within the Group. Sunday night, I was thinking of a topic for today’s post, in keeping with my agreement with Melissa. I desired to write about the POW/MIA’s and some traditions we maintain in their honor. However, thisisitseriously.blogspot.com helped me out with a tag.

Somebody, please let me know how to Hyper-link in my Para’s.

In Response to Melissa,

Top celebrities with whom I would like to get down and dirty (in a very particular order):

(I am a single man, who has been divorced for more than 20 years, keep this in mind, as she will be a celebrity in my mind)

1 My Wife
2 My Love
3 My confidante
4 Bridget Fonda
5 Terri Clark

Things I want to do before I die (in no particular order):

1 Live six months with the Mehinaku Indians, to learn their language,
customs and rituals.
2 Spend the night on Anna’s beach, again (Anna, I remember those nights)
3 Run, without pain
4 Return to Zacatecas, Oaxaca, and Jalisco, (I miss my friends)
5 Play Hockey, again
6 Feel the Caribbean summer Sun.
7 Formation Flight
8 Meet my next best…….
9 Fly over the White House during one of their celebrations-
Thank you President Clinton.
10 Appear on Televised Baseball game, running the bases- not as a streaker,
but drunken remains an option.
11 Clear the 75’ mark while jumping my motorcycle
12 Win a National Rock Crawling competition in my Jeep
13 Land Surf
14 Land Sail
15 Find my 30” waist, I think I packed in a box during one of my move’s-
I have not seen it since
16 Finish my Celtic Knot (tattoo)- it is my heritage,
all the men of the Clan continued the knot from the previous, and,
mine is the only tattoo.

While I do not participate in chain letters/emails, I thought this would be ok, for fun. Now, without pressure, if you wish to do this- it is your turn.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Friday Night

Yesterday I remained in the office until 1900 hrs. My work was pending others completing their tasks, and then I could do my thing. After I completed my tasks, the Command staff was waiting to “do their thing” and we could quit for the night.

One of the “First Shirts” invited me over to their room for a little get together. While I was there, I received the call about my cuz and his current conditions. Everything is going much better for him, since they have located the spider venom/infection. It is located in his spine and they are treating it appropriately. Next, after some more time and more injections, he will begin his Physical Therapy and start using his muscles again. No word on my Physical Therapy. I can’t wait to get back to the gym. I am truly getting tired of this body.

After the social, I traveled over to the ever popular “Sally’s Alley”. “Sally’s”, holds great historical value. I am not certain when the doors first opened, but some say it was WWII era. Let me tell you about Sally’s. First, it really is as friendly as the bar on the TV show “Cheers”. Everybody knows your name. Second, if it is customary in any other bar, anywhere around the world, it is outlawed/forbidden in Sally’s. There is a list of “rules” posted on the wall, as you first enter the building. All infractions require the purchase of “Rounds” for the bar. I can attempt to remember, said rules, but it is too difficult. First rule, the Bartender is the peace keeper, judge, jury and enforcer. The Bartender holds the privilege of changing any rule, anytime, and is the discretion of the Bar. The Last rule is, never leave the bar without saying “good bye” to the Bartender. The Bartender is also security. The funny thing is, and the second rule, anything the Bartender says is the rule of the night. Additionally, the Bartender controls all troops in the Bar; therefore, if there is an infraction, the patrons will control the individual until the Bartender makes a determination of outcome.
Outside, on the patio, at Sally’s, was the “Crud” table. I miss that game. If you are not aware of Crud, it is simple, take a billiard table (preferably a “Snooker” table) and play full contact billiards. As somebody will be injured, during the play, no Queue Sticks are allowed. You have an object ball, to which you target for the pocket. Using your hands, you roll the queue ball toward the object ball and the opposite team member can do anything to make you miss, just short of touching the balls or the shooter. Now, after the release of the “shooting” ball, the defender may touch the “shooting” player, this becomes important for “shooting” ball recovery. This game has many versions, but these are the basic rules and other players tend to play around these.

Well, it is a busy Saturday and I am off to another meeting.

Have a great weekend all,


Friday, February 24, 2006

Get Wet

A number of times, I have received emails stating somebody is learning more about me. This is fun and, to an extent, informal for me. So how about something new from the world of Surf?

I grew up in competition surfing, high school and all. I am not a legend, though I have met and was present when some legends, became legends. I still, well, have a board from the early ‘70’s. It is a single-fin, 7.0’ (seven-oh), Sunset with a double-winged swallow tail. I grew up surfing all over So-Cal to include Trestles, Swamis, Ponto, D-Street, Grandview, Old Mans, Stepping Stones, Cardiff, Beacons and Sunset to name a few and not in that order. I even attempted the Wedge.

Then comes the Rocket. An incredible Tri-fin, which was custom shaped by Shras. It is 5’10” by Seaflight with a single-winged rounded pin tail, sharp rails and a 13" nose. Talk about turn on a dime, this thing is a shredder and definitely before, it’s time.

My son has the Tri, these days. He does not ride it often, as it was a full comp board, from back in the day.

Just a short one today, as I have so much work to be doing.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Questioning integrity

So many things to say, but, I do not have the energy. I have a waterfall, in my office that is having an evaporation problem lately. I know it is the air.

The Chief and I went to the Base Exchange today at lunch, only to be met with a bomb threat. No shopping there. For lunch, we decided to meet up with an old buddy, who has since retired from the Air Force, at a local hang out. No- not a bar. It was actually very informative visit, as “Sp” works for the same Airline as I. He was busy telling us all of the new events going with the company. I admit I do miss the flying, routes, lay-over and the guys. They are picking up a new route in China; well, that is the rumor. I have not been to China in years, it was fun.

Ok, here is a question for my readers. Please feel free to answer from your heart, then mind. This is a question of integrity, my integrity.

If I lie to my Flight Surgeon, I could get my Flight Physical profile changed for my civilian job. My profile would list no limitations, as it should. But, I would have limitations, physical limitations that include no running, jumping, carry heavy loads and limited stair usage. Ok, with everything normal, I should be all right to fly. Now, think as I do, what about during an emergency. What about the time that another person is in need of my ability to carry him or her to safety?

Should I do this?

I already know my answer and I think I gave it away during that whole thing on integrity, a few posts before this one. However, others have recommended that I sway. Anyway, I am looking for you feelings and thoughts, in this forum.

Any takers???????????

Other than that;

Tonight, I have two scheduled meetings with Commanders. The first, over dinner to discuss all of the recent events. The second, to prepare for their future events. This and all I wish to do is to be in my room and watch “Survivor.”

Oh yes, there is something new- I am a Survivor junkie. I do not know why. I do not like the other (any of the other) reality show; but I love Survivor.


Have a great night, all,


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

update and replacements

Update- the Medical University, Staff (I wonder about spelling) bacterial infection is located in the spine. Medication can cure, if no infectious pockets are found. If pockets are found, permanent nerve damage is a possibility. The Cuz’ attitude is fantastically optimistic, as with the family.

That was for my records. Anyway, I am pleased with those around me. It appears at a time in my life where many changes are on my horizon, my friends are going through there own revolutions. Actually, this is very exciting to watch from afar.

My homeopathic treatment begins very soon and I am excited. I would love to be the base line for something innovative in the medical field. Imagine if you will, you have a piece of your body dying and the Doctors all agree, there is nothing they can do about it. I think some of my readers know about my ankle. Then, as with nature, your body heals itself with the assistance of the very byproduct of nature itself. Who knows? It would be cool. LOL, then there would be people who would call this a form of “witchery” or “Voodoo”. Now that would be funny. But, if it is fixed, it is fixed. The career of flight resumes. Life, as I know it, resumes. If it does not work; hey, I have no loss and I am exactly where I am now... so, does it matter? The main aspect, I will carry the lessons learned and nobody can take that away from me.

I remember I have replaced one enthusiasm with another. Once upon a time, I was a musician/ song writer. Then, science, if you will, walked into my life…."An object at rest tends to remain at rest, an object in motion tends to remain in motion with the same speed and in the same direction. "– Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Inertia (I knew, you knew that) I was learning the piano/keyboards and perfecting my guitar education and constantly playing with music notation and Theory. I thought, I could “tweak” my notes into something to speak to the heart and soul. I knew I could do this. Sir Isaac Newton spoke to me again with, “The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.” My music was increasing with my practice. “I am doing this”, I would announce with joy. The more I announced, Sir Newton would respond with “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Ok, the neighbors did not like the electric amplifiers on 11! “Spinal Tap”, anyone?
Flight entered the picture, with the military, and the new passion arose from my depths.

Is it time to replace again? I am working more with the Jeep, these days. I am working more with wood carving, these days. Why not begin recording, again, since I still have four guitars, one bass, and synthesizers out the “Yin Yang”. Just my thought!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Emergencies Revisited

I trust the weekend found you well. Friday night presented the grand opportunity for Poker with the guys. Unfortunately, it did not come to me. My plan was to depart the base and journey to the house, change of clothing, then drive to Long Beach. As I departed the base, traffic was more constrictive than usual to the eventual halt. Typical So. Cal. Freeway traffic, except not on this road. What was the delay? The worst thing I always hate to come upon. A fatality accident! The freeway was closed to through traffic, as SOP. I knew this, because the of the Sheriff’s CSI vehicles passing me, in the emergency lanes.

In my past, I have promised myself, never go by another in need. One late night, as a former girlfriend and I were driving home from a party, passed an automobile accident. The scene was a truck had slammed into a park car in the emergency lane. The driver of the truck was hanging out of the driver’s side window and a fire was burning under the truck. No other vehicles were on the road. I did not see a driver in the parked car and I assumed it was vacant. I stopped my truck and got out to assist the driver of the truck. My girlfriend had a complete breakdown at this point. She was under the impression that the truck was going to explode and did not wish my involvement. I saw the driver, of the truck, was coherent enough to understand the situation. He indicated his ability to remove himself from the vehicle. His desires, and my girlfriend’s, were the same. Somebody needed to alert the authorities and I was the only person available to handle this, due to my girlfriend’s intoxication levels. I complied. I drove about 5 miles to a convenience store to use their phone. I notified the authorities and decided to turn back toward the accident. Well, the accident happened on a long, descending curve of a mountain road. The road leading back to the location of the accident held a view of the scene. As we approached, we could see the authorities and fire department were on scene and the truck fully a flamed. The speed of my truck decreased, as a feeling of failure traveled through my body. I could only think the worse and it was frightfully horrible. I never desire that feeling of helplessness again! Opposed to giving up and turning to head home, I continued up the road and parked my truck. I walked up to the scene and sat on the side of the road beside another person, who was crying. The feelings, in me, became overwhelming and the idea of my incorrect response overcame my emotions. I thought, “Somebody died, because I did not properly evaluate the situation.” I was in my early twenties, not much experienced with “emergency” behavior, and here I am holding a responsibility I have never held before. And, I failed. The person I was sitting next to, and later discover to be, was the driver of the truck. He was overly intoxicated and during his drive failed to notice his vehicle drifting into the emergency lane. His collision was enough to total both vehicles. What a relief, he is alive. At that moment, I decided my future experiences would find a fast acting, clear headed individual, who would stop at nothing to make safe the circumstances and at all costs, save a life. Later, when I joined the Air Force, I was given the knowledge/ tools to keep this promise.

I did not make it to the poker game due to delays and the ability to make a reasonable arrival time.

Saturday, I woke early with an ambition for resolution of many projects. Then, I received the phone call telling me about my cousin’s admittance to the hospital. He was in the final stages of a two day emergency room visit. Through two separate hospitals, the ER Doctors were frantically trying to discover his problems. The cause was almost certain; however, the problem was a continuing question. He had experienced a spider bite approximately three to four weeks prior. The bite area was still inflamed and producing that typical “white ooze”. His temperature was high, not too high, but high enough to cause alarm. He was demonstrating signs of extreme dehydration, respiratory difficulties, and muscle spasms. His white blood count was three times higher than normal. Ok, I admit reading this, as I have laid it out, sounds obvious as to the nature of the problem. Please keep in mind, as with the doctors, much of this was a form of discovery. First, the problem was muscle spasms in the lower back. Did he pull a lower back muscle? The spasms moved to his Quad’s, OK, those are related. He is running a temperature, low grade, yet this could relate to the muscular problem. OK, I think you have the idea.

I spent the better part of Saturday by his side and communicating with the doctors with the hopes of being in some help.

Update: the latest blood work has revealed the bacterial strain and not its location. They are afraid it is in either his lungs, or his heart lining; and, in each case is cause for alarm. He is awaiting an irradiated injection and an immediate CTI scan. Here is an odd piece of information- should the body have an infection and white blood cells are migrating to that location, it can be tracked with the CTI scan. If the doctors remove a cell from a person’s liver, and inject the cell into another location on the person’s body, the cell will migrate back to the liver. Now, I am not a specialist in this matter, but it is my understanding this knowledge was gained through the controversial “Stem Cell” research. I do not know, but I think this is wild information. Anyway, if this were true- my cousin’s life could be saved from the research.
Sunday I picked up my drill press, with my son’s assistance, and a table saw. Way cool, now I can begin working on that dash board. I have always wanted to replace the car’s dash board with Rose Wood and Oak inlay. I thought that would look nice. The car is my son’s old Chevrolet. If I am successful, the next project will be in the Jeep. Custom Speaker boxes, dash, roll cage handles will all be made out of wood, in the Jeep. I just like that look and want to do the same on the TR-3, Triumph, when I get it. So, as my son and I are driving around on my errands, we see this beautiful lady stop her car in the middle of the road, exit, and begin yelling in the direction from where we were coming. OK, something is not good, I stopped my truck to look in the outside rearview mirror, and I see a small dog running down the street. There was another car following the dog, and the dog was running from this car. I looked back at the lady and I could see the frustration in her face. I thought about turning my truck around to help her catch her dog. In my mind, I could only think that the dog would run from me, also. I wished I could do more, but my son said to just “forget about it, and drive on”. That poor dog, I hope she caught it and brought it home to safety.

Monday, I cleaned around the house. I had a large list going, but was called to the hospital and could not complete the list. That is Ok, as my priorities are properly located.
Today, one of the Commanders is just returned and I am beginning an eleven day, duty. These are kind of cool, as I can “cash” them in later for some extra time off. I think it will be nice to take the Jeep out camping for four or five days.

End Novel


Friday, February 17, 2006

One quick note before the weekend-

I had, and have, no intentions of creating havoc. As with writing, I am still learning, words without the “human” emotions can be misunderstood. If you wish to utilize my words, please keep them in full context. Additionally, not once have I written in the heat of anger, please do not bring your emotions into my words. All that I ask is the opportunity to meet and converse for my learning.


This has been a wild week. A good friend, “SS”, has developed and built a revolutionary Sand Rail and will be unveiling it at Glammis, California tomorrow. I wish him the best of luck. This vehicle will come in two or four seat versions. The power plant choices are from 150 horse power up to 400 horse power. While the competition is asking over $80,000 for like models, he is asking in the $25,000 neighborhood. The R&R portion of the vehicle was outstanding, as they brought the vehicle into full race conditions with no problems.

Tonight is Poker night at my friend’s house. This weekend will see the conclusion of the latest Jeep project. Next week will be long, as I have much preparation for the upcoming Board.

Other than this, I’ve not much to say. I did find a Quote and desired it on my site.

“Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts.” - Henry B. Adams

Good Weekend, All


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Holidays (I guess) and Respect

A beautiful Southern California day has met all in this area. To bad, I do not have the availability to hyperlink this day to my site.

Happy VD! Alternatively, should I say Valentine’s Day? Being a single man, I do not have any particular plans of celebration. Nevertheless, consider what I have been reading from many women, I guess I am right on schedule. It appears that many women would prefer the other days of the year to be in celebration, as well as this one particular day. You know, I do understand this and I shall call this a day of learning.

Speaking of a day of learning, during my routine “Lurking”, I found somebody who I extremely admire. This person has revealed a true sense of Integrity through an experience. As stated, I wish I had the experience to share this person’s blog with a hyperlink! One fact, I can say, this person is associated with the standard people who venture onto my site, and I venture to theirs. Anyway, follow my links and eventually you will find this person’s blog. Inclosing, “Finding Yourself, Despite Yourself", I fully respect you.

Enough for now,


Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday post

Talk about a great weekend for relaxation. This last weekend brought forward the pain in the leg, again; therefore, Saturday was med’s day. Sunday, on the other hand was productive and social. An ol’ friend, and also my “Tax” man/ Accountant, came by for our ritual meeting. You know, going over the receipts and papers and always discussing my investments, or lack of. The cool part was this was his first time to see the new place.
“J” and I originally met at work. We were working at a “Fixed Base Operator” at a local airport. The truly cool part was the owner of our facility. He, and his family, acquired more money than they knew what to do with; I know, because I even had a few suggestions. Anyway, “J” went into accounting after aviation. As my life changed, I hired (kind of a strong word) him to assist me with my assets and filings. “J”, being the good friend he was, agreed to the arrangement.
OK, this last weekend, “J” was over and I was showing him the new place. He could not get over the view. Too funny, as we departed the house and were on the back deck, he noticed that I have a view of the airport. Yes, the same airport, where we used to work is in my view from the back yard. Additionally, since the house is on a mountain, well a very tall hill, I am looking down the approach end of the runway. As the planes are entering their 12 mile approach, just look right and there is my back yard. They’ll probably see me out on the patio, or in the spa, drink in hand, welcoming them to So. Cal.
Well, I promised to keep my posts shorter, than the past, so this is the time to quit.
Have a good night,


Friday, February 10, 2006

Ah, the weekend

Last night, after work I am watching the news. I find humor in the following. Sorry, but I do.
So, I am watching the news, while eating dinner and a commercial for “The World News Tonight” comes on. In the commercial, the anchor “person” is making every attempt to ensure my presence for the information they are planning on airing. Stating a line about a drug manufacturer that is marketing harmful products, the anchor asks me to stay tuned for more information. I wondered about this. If a news agency, of good reputation, maintains the desire to present the most current of critical information, would they not make the statement immediately? I mean, what if I was sitting there just getting ready to ingest my dosage of medication for the evening? They had every opportunity to appear on my television with a simple statement- “Hey, Stop, you really do not want to take that!” But, no, they only care about ratings. In addition, let’s be realistic about this whole issue. Does anybody think one “News” broadcast is going to have information, which no other agency is reporting? I am watching the local News, right now. I could be wrong, but from what I have seen, they almost imitate each other down to the time line. So many times, I have heard “We have the exclusive story”, ya right! “We have the only amateur video of this event”, really means, “We were the first on the scene to offer some poor schmuck the minimum price he would accept, for what you are about to see.” Keep in mind, they always seem to remind the viewing audience, “This is amateur footage.” What does that really mean? That is translated into, “Our CEO wants you to think our quality is better than this, and our Attorneys don’t want to go to court over this one.” Yet, they ARE stilling using this poor Schmuck’s footage. Meanwhile, the poor Schmuck is feeling so lucky, he is going to buy more cameras and carry one everywhere he goes. Then, he discovers the “Endless Loop” tape, and he will never have to buy another tape again. Shoot, he could just leave the cameras on 24 hour record. Hey, now there is an idea…….
Did I mention what the Broadcast station, camera operator earns? And the Schmuck feels lucky?
Poor Schmuck!
Friday is here and I feel good about this past week’s productivity at work. So much progress was made.
Weekend is here.
The Plan:
The best friend, “M”, called, he, his wife, and the group are going wine tasting on Saturday. Let me paint you the picture. The setting, Temecula, California, Wine Country; The time, all day long; The weather, blue skies with no clouds; The trek, from Vineyard to Vineyard; Driving the Jeep with the bikini top on and the doors off. Did I mention, Wine tasting? Don’t have to worry about parking, the Jeep has climbed an H2 before (sorry, Hummer owners), and that Datsun- well they still do not know about that one.
Sunday brings some work in the garage. I have another work bench to build. It, also, brings a tree removal (Oh, joy). Poor sucker (and it is a Sucker) died a couple of months back, I just have not had the time. In the afternoon, it is Tax time, gotta get those done.
Then comes Monday, see ya then.
Have a good weekend, all-


Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Say it Like" for only a moment

Lunch time and I stepped into the building’s atrium. Blue sky, warm air, and wind met my arrival from the office. Yes, today is the Land Sailors dream.

With my first response, “Whoa”, and for the full effect you must say it like Jeff Spicoli- “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” fame. OK, give it a go- “Whoa”!

OK, you’re getting the idea….

I know this weather, many of times it has met me at the beaches.

With a killer on shore blow- it meets you as you are dropping in on that perfect set. (effect time, say it like Pauly Shore) “Go’en for a one and half- over he’ad and an ah’onnnn-shore blow……..kiss’ennn yur mu’ug”.

Your path is clear and the mist of the water lifting from (Pauly) “be-lo-oo” and showering you, as you make the drop. You look left, then right, and ask yourself, “will it be a “front side”, or will it be a “back side” ride. The face continues to grow. The “Lip” is forming and you can see that hesitation, from the wind holding it in place. The “Lip” begins to quiver, and then floats out onto the breeze. As it holds itself there, you can not help but think, “Mick would be jealous!”

You know what is to follow, and you can not contain your excitement. Then, like a shaken can of Soda, your mouth opens and the only thing coming out is (Spicoli) “Gnarly”! One perfect “bottom turn”, and your in place for the most (Keanau Reeves- “Point Break”) “Awesome Tube”. And you go for it! The perfect curl, and it is floating over your head. Then, as natural as breathing, your fingertips are skimming across the top of this water cylinder swallowing you. So warm, comes the joy and realization of the moment that you have entered. Mother Nature, herself, is revealing her kindness.

Here, at this moment, all you can hear are your thoughts. Tranquil and solace from the mundane life. And, for only a moment, you can sense the surreal state that you have dreamed. The real world comes (Pauly) “Rrr-ush-een” back. You feel the rails of your board grabbing for traction under your feet. The nose of your board, communicating- no asking you for a direction. Like a high performance machine, your board is steady and waiting for your desires. You begin to think. Your thoughts of that perfect “wave placement”; then, like you and your board are as one, it responds. You can sense the increase of speed as you come flying out of the “barrel”. Like before, you can feel the board asking, “cut here”? You look up the face of the wave and say “not yet, Dennis” (like Mr. Wilson, of “Dennis the Menace).

For only a moment.



A soldier stood and faced God,
Which must always come to pass.
He hoped his shoes were shining,
Just as brightly as his brass.

"Step forward now, you soldier,
How shall I deal with you?

Have you always turned the other cheek?

To My Church have you been true?

"The soldier squared his shoulders and said,
"No, Lord, I guess I ain't.
Because those of us who carry guns,
Can't always be a saint.
I've had to work most Sundays,
And at times my talk was tough.
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny,
That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime,
When the bills got just too steep,
And those who depend on me,
while they sleep.
I never passed a cry for help,
Though at times I shook with fear.
And sometimes, God, forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.

I know I don't deserve a place,
Among the wonderful people here.

They never wanted me around,
Except, to calm their fears.

If you've a place for me here,
Lord,It needn't be so grand.
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand.

There was a silence all around the throne,
Where the saints had often trod.
As the soldier waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.
"Step forward now,
you soldier,
You've borne your burdens well.

Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell."

~Author Unknown~

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I send the following.

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean;
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens;
Promise me that you'll give fate the fighting chance;
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I hope you dance...

She would understand Florida in the summer;
My toe in the door;
It has always been your time, to dance.


When Voices matter.....

Voicing an opinion is a tricky thing. As we enjoy our freedom of speech, we certainly do not wish to insult other people for their beliefs. I think this is called “respect”. In that thought, it is good to listen to another person’s beliefs, as; it can sometimes allow us to reevaluate our own epitome of beliefs.
What does one do, if they are insulted immediately? I know the proper thing is to turn and leave. I also know, the desire to turn and say the line from SNL, “Jane, you ignorant slut”. However, I am not rude, nor do I condone such behavior. I, simply, say “thank you” and make my departure. Personally, I feel it is the other person’s loss. I, at the very least, know that I am not of the “narrow mind”, as my paradigms are open for shifting (with the provisional lack of insults). I am available to listen, and I think those who have read my blogs will know I shall do my best to understand the other person’s thoughts without being judgmental.
Therefore, I am still trying to meet people, in this arena, and learn about their ways of life. I am reaching out to open my paradigms. I have seen the world in its beautiful vastness. I have experienced many cultures, both with and without incident. However, it is not until I meet those who do not care about other people, that I am insulted. I am insulted and categorized for my thoughts of life, liberties, and justices’.
Here is the comical part of this scenario; I still would give my own life, for these peoples freedom to feel that I am a loser. Actually, I think “Ogre” was the correct wording. Yet, I regress and that is beside the point.
Ladies and Gentleman, I am an American Fighting Man. I, and those who have preceded me, fight for American Freedoms. We do not do this for the money, obviously, if you listen to those subversive websites or have common sense; we do not do this for the appreciation of our fellow American Citizens. We do not do this, so we can carry a big gun; if that were true, we would simply move to Texas.
My Grandfather flew in the Army- Air Corp. My father flew in the Navy. I fly in the Air Force. It is in my heritage. I serve, so you can call me names. Moreover and simply put, I thank you. You have the Right to call me names. I will give you this Right, just the same, as I would die for you to have this Right. It is yours, to keep, if I am to have my way. This all means, we are doing our job correctly.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sow a thought, reap an action;
Sow an action, reap a habit;
Sow a habit, reap a character;
Sow a character, reap a destiny.
--Samuel Smiles

Proper organization leads to a progressive organization.

Now is my personal time to “Sharpen the Saw”.


New levels

Last night, I met somebody who I have been speaking with for more than two years.

Since my accident, I have been forced to reside in my quarters here on base. I have managed to maintain my “home” residence and live between the both. Week days and nights, are spent on base and the remaining times I commute to home. I have been fortunate for this living arrangement.
During the times of my commute, I have traveled through the main gate. About 40% of these commutes, I have been greeting by the most fantastic and outgoing young lady. Her personality is, of the most upbeat and cheerful individuals I have ever met. Her inner beauty shines to a point; reflected in the face and heart of everybody she meets. She always makes the time to say, “Hello” and “How are you”, with meaning.

Therefore, last night during my entry conversation, she reveals a small glance into her private life. She then asks me to return to the gate, later that evening for a visit. I complied. The excitement was felt, as I was truly meeting her on this new level. We spoke of many things to include our desires, crushes, family, past love lives, and careers.

Keep in mind this is not in the light of a relationship beyond friendship.

I have never thought about her, as having problems. I never imagined her to be having a “rough” life. Then it came to me. She, like me, keeps the “optimistic” attitude and regardless of the challenges before us; strives for the “whole person”.

As I embark on this “Blogging” adventure and met people from all walks of life. I am trying to find and better myself with the views of experience. I have “met” somebody, who refers to experiences and responsibilities, as wearing “hats”. In the comments, I have read about the “world’s” expectations of the “hat” wearer. I wondered about my perceived “hat”, the Security Forces Officer wore and my expectations of her life. I was wrong. I am thankful for those hours spent with her, aligning my views with the facts of her private life. Anybody who invests the time speaking with her will walk away refreshed and rejuvenated for the adventures that lie before them.

Well, these are only a couple of thoughts and I should get some work done.


Monday, February 06, 2006

The short version

OK, you tell me......
That was the longer version and this is the shorter version; which do you prefer?

I am alive and loving life!


The quiet weekend

Friday night, after work, I went to the house to relax. My son came home straight from work and asked if I wanted to go out again. His friends asked if I would “come out to play”. I think it is cool that my son’s friends like to have me around; however, I wish there were other people same age as myself there. I went.
One of the guys, “S”, said that he wanted his dad to come out, also. “S” said that his father and I would get along well, talking about cars. It appears his father and I have some of the same “old” friends. I hate that- Me/Old!
If I examine my heritage, I am not even “middle-aged”. My relatives, historically, have lived beyond Ninety! Can I be considered old, if I have not yet reached “Middle-Aged”? I am certain it is up to the person doing the observing.

It was a “bad-ankle” weekend. This means, I need to refill my Vicodin.

I was not happy with the Super Bowl. First, this is the most important game of the season. Yes, we follow the season and enjoy the elements of the game, along the way. But, this IS- THE GAME! Second, we watch this game for the commercials. This year, they sucked as a whole. Even people, who do not watch football, enjoy the commercials. Third, the half time show is supposed to be spectacular. Not to age myself (AGAIN), I’ve enjoyed multiple Rolling Stone Concerts in my day. What was up with the Stone’s???? I have never seen them so dull. If I were forced to utilize a Simile, it would be like that “Claritin” commercial. You know the one, were they show the world in a haze and then, remove the film and the picture becomes more clear and defined. Well, to me, the Stone’s show needed some Claritin. Back to the commercials; was it I, or were they lame. Yes, typically there is only a hand full of delightful and entertaining sketches. Nevertheless, usually there is an array, from where to measure. Did my eyes deceive me, or did I actually see an ad for a “Job Placement Service”? I know I was on Med’s, but I think the producer’s skulls were more numb than mine. And finally, the game in all it’s glory. I think this year’s game was, not about the teams and their success’, but about the Referees and Umpires. I could not help yell, a number of times, “I am the one on med’s and I even saw that!” That is actually not the funny part. I was justified with each and every replay. OK, this year’s game was a little disappointing. As for who won, I liked both teams for separate reasons.
By the way, I am not a big football fan. I am not the one who “lives” on the couch, if there is a game on TV. Honestly, I would watch a rerun of a favorite movie instead, but not during the Super Bowl.

Well, I have noticed that I have been writing more and more. Each time, I drop just short of a novel in quantity. I need to work on that.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Another chance to meet me....

I truly enjoy this medium of communication. On one hand, it is impersonal and I feel free to allow my self expression to flow. On the other hand, I can lay all of the “cards” on the table and wait for a response. As we get to know other people in this realm, essentially we are getting to ourselves better through their expressions. I do enjoy this.
Now, we shall venture a little deeper into the person who call’s himself “Reach”.
My first name is Terry. Additionally, I have several nick names to include “T”, self explanatory; “Gimp”, due to the fact I had been on crutches for over one year; “Wally”, issued at the Air Force Flight School- there was one gentleman in our class who looked like he was sixteen and was called “The Beav”. When he turned 21, the class had taken him out drinking. I decided to be his “Wing Man” this night and ensure his safety (everybody else was too drunk); and “Dad”, my son’s friends like me.
In the past, I have spoken about my days, my goals, my future, my politics (more like rants). Today I speak about nature.
I love the out-of-doors. I love animals, all aspects of the weather, mountains, oceans, deserts, and beaches.
Animals- I have a rare ability to approach wild animals, without fear, and gain their respect. Wild animals hold a certain curiosity about me. They become inquisitive around me, and overcome their fear of humans. I do not know why. I have had the craziest experiences. My friends have asked, “How did you do that”? I have been successful in assisting the training of other friend’s pets. In addition, I am an equestrian (was, prior my injury). I have a couple of friends, who would like me to ride their horses in competition because of an ability to bring out the best in the animal. I have successfully ridden one friend’s Lipizan Stallion. This particular friend remarked about my touch with “Sparky”, the Stallion’s nick name. I, seemed, to have been able to bring “Sparky” to a level that only his trainer was able to attain. I don’t know, I only have fun with animals.
Weather- this is how “Mother Nature” speaks to us. Imagine playing football in the rain, with all of the slipping and sliding. It could be fun. Imagine surfing in the rain; hey, you are already wet! The wind, I have always wanted to “Land Sail”. Would not that be fun?
Mountains- I camp! Moreover, with the previously mentioned, need I say more?
Oceans, beaches- Same!
Desert- I camp and ride off road. Imagine the stars at night, when you can see from horizon to horizon, without a hindering light. Think about it. Most kids have played the game of counting stars, think of a time when that seemed ridiculous. Now, in the desert, all you could say is “YA-RIGHT”! When the moon lights your walking trail to a point, you could drop a quarter and still see where it fell- in SAND.
I have been asked why I call myself Reach. The answer is simple to aviators. Each airline has/owns a radio call sign, or handle. One of the United States Air Force’s sign is “Reach”. It actually is quite simple.
Now you have learned more about me.
Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call to meet at the club, here on Base. A good friend was in need of advice. She desired the point of view from a man, only because she was having “man” troubles. She is a good friend and present for me, when I needed somebody, so it was easy to accommodate since she only wanted my mind. (hehe)

I write this, to explain my tardiness for the President’s State of the Union address. Unfortunately, I missed some of it, but not all of it. Additionally, I paid particular attention to the “experts” summing up with their impressions of what the President had to say. Now, it does not matter if another person votes Republican, Democrat or Independent, just vote or understand your Rights to participate in the Voting process. Please understand your Rights and utilize them with responsibility. These are the people, who hold my respect. I would also like to point out my respect for those, who hold public office. They worked hard for these positions and deserve our respect. If we do not appreciate their points of view, we have processes in place to inform them; then, they can make the appropriate determination on the directions of their decisions. I think this is more than fair and respectful of all those who matter. This goes both ways. While we the citizens should be respectful of those in office, those in office should (at least) show us, the citizens, respect. Those in public office are making decisions that govern our every day way of life. Just think about this. If they are in control, and we placed them in power, should they not have our best interests at the foremost of their mind when making such decisions?
I am not going to jump on any “Band Wagons” by pointing fingers and making statements of my beliefs and testifying to the validity, accurate or not. There are plenty of people already doing this on the net.
Here are my observations of last nights State of the Union address. Please, keep in mind this is only to ask the question, “Why”?
Applause count- Most comments, by the President, received an undivided standing Ovation, except the following:

Oil! He declared that America must break its long dependence on Mideast oil. He said, “America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world.” Nevertheless, hampered by big budget deficits, he offered a modest program that called for ways to more efficiently produce ethanol, not just from corn but also from wood-chips or grasses. He set a six-year goal for making this alternative fuel practical and competitive.
The Democrat’s demonstrated their approval with less than 5 standing! This tells me that they are not completely interested in power reform.

Social Security! Democrats stood in unison to cheer the president’s acknowledgment of congressional inaction on his proposal to add private investment accounts to the government retirement program — an idea nearly universally opposed by Democrats.
Why would the Democrats display the disrespect, when any one person would attempt to better a program for the populace? The President specifically stated he wished to work with the Democrats for success, and they continued to sit, without applause. A clear sign of defiance.

These were only a couple examples and one may think, “This guy is an outspoken Republican because of the issues raised.” This is not the truth. The truth is about general respect and the original question of “why” we can not work together with a goal of success.
I commend all in attendance, at the very least, the room applauded after the President stated “God Bless America”, which is directly opposed to the Supreme Court’s ruling, concerning the separation of Church and State. Also, I am not an overly religious individual, who desires forced religion. This, historically, was not successful; however, freedom remains historically with success.
Your response is welcomed.

Reach is off of the “Soap Box”